There is going to be a boom in haircuts done by mothers. amirite?

I was contemplating on doing it myself. I'm sure I'll regret it immediately

The capitalist / free market sounds great as an idea but it has lead us to monopolies controlling every industry. amirite?

You must be a virgin, huh?

There are thousands of insane parents not letting their kids leave the house. amirite?

Literally my mom right now not even sick can't even go to a friends place.

More AK47 rounds have been fired wildly into the air than at actual targets, amirite?

Who's to say that sand particle chilling wasn't the target

If reincarnation is real your odds of coming back as something besides an insect of some sort is extremely low, as they make up 80% of all living things. Remember that next time you go to kill one... amirite?

ticks and mosquitoes are the only living creatures i will not hesitate in killing

The Barbie girl song didn't age well... amirite?
If Mandalorians are not allowed to take off their Helmets in front of anyone else or let them remove them, then the Barbershop Business on Mandalore must've really Tanked. amirite?

Or run by droids.

Anyone living within the 4th dimension can be looking over us and we would never know, amirite?

They're watching you fap.

Ants have thrived for so long because at the end of the day, the workers(public) have all the power and they know it. amirite?
@landlevenlover Alright, lmao.

I am being serious...wait until möther hears about this

Flu is a virus we haven't named yet... amirite?
We've probably seen & interacted with countless ghosts throughout our lives but don't know it because they weren't the stereotypical, "scary, demon look alike." They appeared & acted like any other human. amirite?

I've never heard one of those stories.

We mostly care for animals that looks "cute" like dogs, cats etc. But we have no mercy in killing "ugly" animals like spiders. amirite?

Spiders are not animals.
They are monsters.

When pronouncing 'Empty', the E, P and Y are useless, amirite?

When pronouncing "Empty", the letters E, M, P, T and Y are all useless, because without them, it is empty.

Unicycles are always doing wheelies, amirite?