The words "i love you" are used to loosely nowadays. amirite?


Who are your celebrity crushes?

David Thewlis.

Someone close to you has died of cancer, amirite?
You didn't get a "just in case the world ends, I love you," text, amirite?

I sent one though.

If you had to choose between being overweight or having your partner be overweight, you would choose to be overweight yourself, because you have the power to change that, but not the power to change your partner.

Actually, one does have the power to change their partner.

When someone tells you to calm down, you have no idea what you could say to convince them that you ARE calm, amirite?

I find beating the shit out of them to be effective.

What if every fire drill that happened in your school was a real fire, but they just told you it was a drill so you wouldn't panic and trample each other and harm each other in the process of evacuation, Amirite?
@ThisBlackChick That's what they did in my high school. We didn't know if it was a real fire until we saw fire trucks coming to the...

In some school districts fire trucks go to the drills, and the firefighters participate in the evacuation. It's practice for them.

The Matrix trilogy was the best film trilogy of all time

Christopher Nolan's Batman.

Why did Obama cross the road? Doesn't matter, but it's the most he's done in 4 years.
Smacking is necessary, if a child runs into the street, you would not wait for them to be ran over by a truck and say "you deserved it" to their lifeless body. You would intervene and discipline them in a tangible way. In essence, you give the child a little bit of physical or emotional pain now to avoid a lot of pain later. amirite?
@Graverotti Except the spanking debate isn't very interesting

No, it's controversial, which used to be the point of POTD. A
POTD hasn't invited as much discussion in a long time. This is a good one. Cherish it, because it'll be replaced by some sigh tomorrow.

It's ironic how people say "That's what she said" as opposed to "That's what he said" because boys talk much more about sexual things than girls, amirite?

I think girls talk about that as much as guys do.

It's frightening to consider the actuality that our history is false. As displayed in the novel 1984, our history textbooks and teachers could all have been duped into believing the wrong facts. The past is too fragile, and it contains so many variations of beliefs and stories that we, as humans, should just accept that there is not one answer for everything, amirite?

My world history teacher was visiting some place in Asia and wanted to go to the museum nearby, but it was closed. When she asked why, the lady said that they just had a civil war, and the government executed thousands of its own citizens. Now their leaders are trying to write their history so it doesn't portray them badly. After all, history is written by the victors.

J.K. Rowling kind of messed up the ending of Harry Potter with the happily-ever-after ending. If she had made Harry die and Voldemort live, she could have made a truly great series, amirite?

Even Lord Voldemort disagrees with this post.

It's sad that college acceptance is based predominantly on academic and extracurricular activities and even though they say it is important, not on creativity and what goes through the individuals mind, amirite?

They've redone the SATs to incorporate more creative aspects, which I honestly believe is a good idea. Being creative is useful and valuable. Of course, academics are just as important.

Who needs to be smart when your phone already is, amirite?