Yoga Pants are fancy long underwear, amirite?

People complaining about uncomfortable cloths. Like the only comfortable thing is athletic gear. Good lord buy some decent clothes.

People are too quick to dismiss zodiac signs, amirite?
People are too quick to dismiss zodiac signs, amirite?

Correlation is not causation. Someone please make this line into a motto

Public figures should expect cyberbullying when considering/taking this career path. amirite?

I said that I agree bullying of any form is wrong, but public figures need to be aware what they are in for, they shouldn't just expect total positive feedback. Also I agree, some people don't choose to be public figures, but I do think there is a point in which when you achieve fame, to actually commit to being a public figure or not. (like if a yt video of yours get a lot of views, you can choose to use this opportunity to become a youtuber, or not)

Meatball is the most lazy named food. amirite?
WAP is a really well written song, amirite?

It is very well-written and clever. However, don't forget the iconic line that is "Never lost a fight, but I'm looking for a beating."

Closed captioning provides a better experience and should be used by default in movie theaters, amirite?

Yeah, tbh I'm just convinced people who don't like CC can't read.

Doctor Jack Kevorkian was a Hero, amirite?

We have the decency to put our pets out of their misery… But not the humans in our lives

Fried chicken from popular fast food places is so bad, amirite?

I think it really depends on the location. Some fast food places make amazing fried chicken pieces, while others are just plain awful. It's all about finding the right spot.

AirPods make you look like a clown, amirite?
"Who invites pays" is a hypocritical reason to get out of paying for your meal, amirite?

No, I would go with this logic and it has nothing to do with "being treated like a girl". Whoever invites should pay, because they're the ones determining what type of date/where it is. That means they control the cost. Not really fair for someone to invite someone to a place that could cost more than the other is willing or able to pay.

We should clone scientists and highly intelligent people, amirite?

That's what Jeffrey Epstein wanted to do. Great company for you.

"Who invites pays" is a hypocritical reason to get out of paying for your meal, amirite?
I hate when a game has crazy complex lore hidden throughout the games world, just tell me the story outright

I think it's all about player choice. Some people enjoy digging through every nook and cranny to find hidden lore, while others just want to experience the story without any extra work.

Movies are better with commercials, amirite?

Bro...just hit the pause button