I believe in political correctness in that stands for NOT being disrespectful. Some people speak against it just so they can use hateful words. That is wrong, in my opinion.

I don't find it difficult to ignore those kinds of people. It is, after all, just the internet. That's why i don't get all the posts about forcing people to ask or answer questions in a specific way, or demanding that things on a site that I do not pay for, be done in a way that suits me. I'm free to stay and free to leave if I don't like it. Seems there are some that only want to complain rather than find a site that is more to their liking. Who the hell knows WHY? hmm smilie

Suggestion: Should moderators be in the background of the site and not out on the posts commenting or posting comments?

I think the moderators should be anonymous. If nobody knew who they were, maybe a lot of this bad blood would go away and we wouldn't have to sift through the endless wars to find some good comments. That's just my humble opinion though. :)

I think if we are honest, most of us feel that way every now and then.

It's always been Halloween to me.

Did you vote for Hillary after I told you at least a year ago that I'm a veteran and why her even running for the office is a complete insult to me and my service?
@JPMatthews Yes I did. no offense to you though. Donald Trump even running is a complete insult to ALL AMERICANS. We all get a...

I have several veterans in my family. They voted for Hillary. not everyone shares your thoughts. My vote wasn't cast to offend you or anyone else. I'M AN AMERICAN. I GET A VOTE TO USE AS I SEE FIT. It's not all about you. In fact, it's not about you at all.

Pence at Hamilton, booed by some in the audience; stays and watches the show. Afterwards the troop stays up front and speaks directly to Pence. They were not rude, they implied that his 'new administration' might not uphold their inalienable rights as members of a diverse cast. They were not referring to him they referred to his 'administration.' They were professional, within their first amendment rights. My opinion: They do not owe him an apology for the speech, they owe him one for booing.

I think The Great Orange Lump needs to quit demanding apologies until HE learns to give them.

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Do You Think Burning Your Country's Flag Should Be a Criminal Offense?

No. It is protected free speech. I don't like it, but it IS protected and should stay that way.

Name something that runs but has no legs

A refrigerator.

Marriage can be quite fulfilling. However, it's not for everyone. Please don't agree to marry someone because you are afraid of hurting their feelings, or afraid it will forever change the relationship. If you agree for those reasons, your fears will come true anyway. If you can't commit to someone with your whole heart, then you shouldn't get married. And that's okay Tiffanee. Not everyone is meant to be married. Use your heart AND your brain. biggrin smilie

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Should alcohol be banned from aircraft?

No. But they need to keep the pilots out of the airport lounges.

Abused women. Lied to. Cheated on. Taken for granted. Stolen from. Used and beaten. They complain, complain, complain, and say never again, but they keep going back for more, time after time after time after time. WHY? AND DON'T BLAME THE MAN. Not after the third time.

I'm curious as to how old you are. If you've never been in an abusive relationship you cannot speak to this. Many of us have been, and until you are there, you have NO IDEA. It's easy to say the words, but when you have your life and your family and children's lives THREATENED, you have no means of getting yourself out of the situation, and NOBODY to help you, how do you suggest they leave? Many women are trapped with no transportation, no money, not even a cell phone. They are isolated from friends and family. Perhaps you should learn a bit more about abuse. I find this entire question to be quite offensive. After YOU live through it, perhaps you can come back and tell the rest of us how easy it was for you.

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We can stay
Or we can move along
Either way don't leave me all alone
I'm sorry about your eye

I'll find a way to make amends
It's only that sometimes
I've got to break
Before I bend

Come on, darling
There's a show downtown tonight
Let's go out dancing
We can drink until the light

I know I've haven't been everything
A man should be
But I promise I will change
You just leave that up to me

And I'll kiss your face, attend to your aches
I swear that I can make you happy
And you'll rub my back, forget the past
And baby, I know that that ain't so easy

It ain't too late
To salvage all of this
It ain't too late we could
Fix it with a kiss

All I want this one more chance
So that we could have a home
'Cause I would not stand a change
If I had to make it on my own

Oh, let me kiss your face, attend to your aches
I swear that I could make you happy
And you'll rub my back, forget the past
And baby I know that that ain't so easy

Maybe someday
You will remember what I said to you today
Maybe someday
And where would you go anyway

Put that suitcase down
Leave it for another day
Stop this fooling around
I could never let you get away

Let me kiss your face, attend to your aches
I swear that I can make you happy
And you'll rub my back, forget the past
And baby, I know that that ain't so easy, please

Since when does anyone have to answer to members of a social media site?

No one is required to answer to anyone on a social media site. But you shouldn't put your business and battles with others out there if you don't want them scrutinized. After all, this IS the internet. If you choose to include others in your PRIVATE business IN PUBLIC, the blame lands squarely on you.

That would seem to be the case for a lot of people. Some folks need to have someone to look down on. The internet is full of people willing to fill either role. It's sad, actually.