Large-chested girls: You don't show your boobs off any chance you get. Actually, you find it mildly offensive when other girls do, amirite?

you obviously havent met the girls at my school.

Blue eyes, long black hair = one pretty hawt guy, amirite?

stop. hitting. on. my. men. betch. D:

An FML post could read, "Today I got shot in the chest and am dying in the hospital as I type this", and there would still be a few hundred assholes voting 'you totally deserved it'. amirite?

what if the reason theyre in the hospital dying is because the police shot them for breaking into a kindergarten and murdering 45 inoccent children in the most painful way possible?

Only in Chicago does it snow in the middle of April, amirite?

its called: get a map. see the 'white' on the north pole? -_-

We all know that one person who always seems to be injured. Today, my person had a severe headache. Yesterday, the same person had a sprained wrist. What's tomorrow? A shattered toe? If all these things were actually serious, this person would be a medical miracle! amirite?

most of these people are probably faking it for attention. like the girl at my school with a 'broken wrist' which she had a tensor bandage on then punched somebody with it the next day. then had an asthma attack...

In ancient Rome, there were dry-cleaning places called fulleries, where they cleaned clothes with human urine. Certain slaves had the job of stomping the clothes in a pool of urine. I don't know about you, but I'd be pretty pissed if I had to do that, amirite?

pun intended?

Dear mom: If i did get in a car accident, my underwear would be too soaked with blood for the paramedics to tell if i had put a clean pair on this morning, let alone for me to be embarassed about it. amirite?

@heysoulsister no, but any chance to disagree with an authority figure, a teenager will usually take; even if they agree with them.

its weird when you know a fat kid, then you see their hot skinny sister, amirite?

especially when its their younger sister

So my conclusion after health class today- Bella is on LSD. Edward is on speed. thats why Edward moves and talks so fast, and why Bella thinks hes so shiny. amirite?

well maybe the author was on crack at the same time. ;)

Blood on the Dancefloor was wayy better with Garrett Ecstacy, amirite?