Maybe the atheist can't find God for the same reason a theif can't find the police. amirite?
Lacrosse is the best sport ever, amirite?

It's all about hopscotch!!!

Abortion doesn't kill people, children from broken families do, amirite?
Maybe the atheist can't find God for the same reason a theif can't find the police. amirite?
@LAKERSoverHEAT intervenes with 'no one will ever know for sure' argument

@712706 (Kisforkangaroo): yells back crying for getting teamed up on.....then starts trolling..."FAKE AND GAY!!!"......

You're American outside of the bathroom, but European inside the bathroom, amirite?

Not always haha

You've never heard of a blind, deaf, or mute African American, amirite?

Ray Charles?

In Spanish-speaking countries, they play "One", amrite? amirite?

NO WE DONT PLAY "ONE"!!!! We play "juan"! :D

You don't always drink beer, but when you do, it's Dos Equis, amirite?

Stay thirsty my friend...

Girls: You hate it when you start your period unexpectedly in a public place and you don't have any pads or tampons with you so you have to sit in your blood soaked underwear for a while. Guys: You're now grossed out. Amirite?


Sometimes you pee against the side of the toilet to reduce sound, amirite?

Only when i got visitors over and its quiet haha

With Darren Criss going on Glee, they should let the rest of the AVPM/AVPS crew be the rest of his glee club, amirte? amirite?

What character did he play again? I'm not good with names haha

If rap were a religion, either 2pac or Eminem would be God, amirite?
Famous last words: Don't worry this snake isn't poisonous... amirite?

"You need to watch out for the stingrays. One sting and you could die"........Aww you guys are messed up!

When I'm playing CoD, and I die, I get mad and yell at the makes me feel better, amirite?
@sammyxduh Yeah, my past two boyfriends said the same thinggg. lol.

Thats cuz its tru lol i would say we should play sometime but you mentioned gamertag and that means you got a 360 :( lol

Catch Me if You Can:The only movie that shows you how to fake a check with a typewriter, amirite?

What about 'Blank Check'?