Asking "Who is the woman?" or "Who is the man?" to a gay couple is like going to a Chinese restaurant and asking which chopstick is the fork, amirite?

I always wondered why it was anyone's business to ask anyways..I mean it just seems rude to me.

People say that guys should put the toilet seat down, but they have as much right to leave the seat up as us girl have to leave it down. So either look before you sit, or put the seat up for the guys, and stop having a double standard, amirite?
@twisted_memories I think we should all just put the seat all the way down. It makes the most sense to me.

Right? Its not really a gender issue and I don't care if I had to be the one to put two seats down. The top lid is always supposed to be down in my opinion.

If you lock a woman and a dog into the trunk of your car, only one of them will be happy to see you afterwards, amirite?
@pb55020 Nope.. I'm pretty positive you're talking about this one. Which was made after. and...

I don't think they meant a repost as in on amirite. I've seen this all over the internet.
This is how its actually supposed to go though: "A dog is truly a man's best friend. If you don't believe it, just try this experiment. Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk of the car for an hour. When you open the trunk, which one is really happy to see you? "

Guys shouldn't complain when they're put in the friend zone, girls have been there too, amirite?

How about no one should complain about anything since it really doesn't matter what sex you are..shit happens to everyone.

Since asking for "just a trim" at a hair salon leads to you being bald, you should just go in and tell the hairstylist that "you don't want a haircut" and all will be well, amirite?

I would even take that a step further and tell them you wish to grow your hair.

People always blame the men for walking out on their childs life,but women walk out too & they never get blamed, amirite?

Really? They never get blamed?

Airplanes should have parachutes under the seats instead of lifejackets, amirite?

Why not both? Not everyone knows how to swim...

There are no sitcoms for kids these says about average families. They either have some big secret, or host a webshow, or have some amazing talent, etc. Average joes just aren't represented anymore, amirite?

Well I have to say that television is primarily for entertainment. I get what you mean, but I don't watch t.v. to learn values/etc.

You do NOT need to end every single comment with ":)", amirite?
@Clara I especially hate it when people end insulting comments with ":)". Like seriously? It's not going to make your...

I don't think they're trying to make it less offending..from what I've seen, people just do that to piss people off more.

Knowing that our brains can't make up faces, and every face in our dreams have been faces we have seen in real life makes you wonder how many strangers' dreams you have been in, amirite?
@LittleRed Our brains store every face we ever see. Like when you're in a concert, at the mall, or anywhere else with tons of...

I've also heard that you can dream about other people whom you've never seen before..Its an interesting concept.

If you think about it, The Parent Trap is really three movies in one. They meet at camp and hate each other, they switch lives, and they try to get their parents back together. All three situations seem like they could make 3 different movies, amirite?

I kinda like it the way it is..I wouldn't want to watch two girls hating each other at a camp for 2 hours.

I just want to say that its not always the guys that get stuck in the friend zone... I know that most people think the girls do this, but it can work both ways. I'm a girl and I've been there.

Purposely making grammatical and spelling errors is not cute, amirite?

But I like to & & the more 'and signs' I use makes me feel like my sentence is cuter...hmm not enough cuteness, better add a heart <3

Women are like parking spots, The good ones are taken, and the rest are disabled. amirite?
@What exactly does OP mean by 'handicapped'? Being disabled, mentally OR physically, does not mean you aren't human...

Whoa, whoa there. This post was in no way a bash against handicaps. I'm fairly sure that he meant all the girls he wants are either taken or unattainable. You can't park in a handicapped parking spot unless you're handicapped. There are some girls you just can't date because you don't meet their standards.

the only way to get rid of racism is to STOP talking about it. amirite?
@KickAss You're speaking English, why not just say God? I don't call God, God in my native language, but when I'm speaking...

Then maybe you should start calling your god what you want to call him. No one goes around telling people to call god "god" just because they speak English...except maybe you.