nothing is impossible, anything can be done, as long as you have the will and ambition, it can be done. amirite?
Today, my little sister came into the house dressed as a ninja. I happened to be dressed as a pirate. She pulled out a nerf gun without saying anything and we had an epic battle. Then we had sex. MLIA, amirite?
guys (and some girls): you wonder why some girls go out and pay money to get their nails painted, especially since it doesnt last long and they can do it themselves for alot less money. amirite?

If you think about it, you could say this for a lot of things. I'm sure you could just get your mom to cut your hair, but why don't you? -because you want to trust someone who does it right.

'I try to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful!' well damn she's a sexy bitch isn't really a solution, is it David Guetta? Amirite?

David guetta isn't even the one singing

Everything we eat used to be living, so vegetarians and vegans should stop saying meat is murder, because they are also murdering plants, amirite?
@strawberryfroze They're sensitive to touch, etc, but does that mean they actually experience pain?

They might though. They dont have any means of communicating, but i think its possible they could.

The mannequins without faces are pretty creepy, but the ones with faces are even creepier, amirite?

..or the ones at forever 21 that look like they could turn into a werewolf any second

You hate that awkward moment when you're in the middle of a story and you realize that the story has no point and no funny ending. amirite?

people always seem to end those convos with "..but yeah!"

Sarah palin will never be good enough to be president, amirite?
@Wait... why not? Is she stupid or something?

Well not really, but she's just not well suited for the job. She seems a lot more interested in the fame than anything else.

It's weird to think that in whatever accent you talk to your baby in, that's the one they'll have. You could make up a whole new accent and they'll always talk like that, amirite?
@Chromana It's more based upon the people you're around the most. When I moved to the UK when I was 4 I had an American...

I agree.
My friend's family is completely American and yet she has an English accent from watching BBC too much as a kid.

You're black and your ancestors were slaves? Sorry, I didn't realize I was offending you. What's that? You're Jewish and your ancestors experienced the Holocaust? My bad. Huh? Your Irish? Protestant?Native American? Japanese? Chinese? Gay? Handicapped?A women? A man? Adopted? Abused? Ya know what... everyone's ancestors were persecuted at some point. It doesn't mean everyone owes you now. Amirite?

I think it fits. Its like when you hear a parent saying "Well, I was abused by my parents and they gave me such a hard time so you have to go through the same things I went through so I feel better."

We have the right to free speech, so technically, when a teacher gives you detention for swearing at them, they are violating your human rights. amirite?

School is a privilege. If you have a problem with how things work there, then don't go to school.

I can imagine how irritating it must get for the girl in the song Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars). "Hon do I look okay?" "When I see your fa-" "BRUNO I'M JUST GOING TO THE GROCERY STORE.", amirite?
@fatima God I hate that Pancakes bitch, who does she think she is, amirite?

haha at least she shows her face unlike that rude anon user (:

Having different opinions about important topics in a relationship is a lot bigger hurdle to get over then many think, amirite?

True, it would really suck if you were non religious and your bf/gf was drastically religious and unsupportive of your lifestyle.

Microwaves should have ringtones you can set for them. How cool would it be to have your favorite song start playing when your food is done instead of an obnoxious beeping noise? amirite?

But you would probably hear it, start dancing, and forget your food is done.

Rappers are like pokemon, they just love to say their names over and over. amirite?