Okay, I get that weed isn't as bad as beer or cigarrets. That doesn't mean that it's not stupid to do, amirite?

This arguments been made many of times. If you don't like it, then don't do it.

5 different people voiced for Arthur, and 4 different people voiced for D.W.. You feel cheated on now. amirite?

I always wondered why D.W. sounded a bit more manly in some episodes..

You have wondered if languages other than English have their own Grammar Nazis, amirite?

My chinese teacher. "No! You write stroke wrong! It must be balanced!"

People who speak 3 languages are trilingual, and people that speak 2 languages are bilingual, so what do you call a person that speaks one language? American. amirite?
@Handsy I'm not denying that its the fattest Western country, but that doesn't mean the average person is fat. I don't even...

@1213167 (handsy): Does it really matter who has the greatest percentage of fat people? While the majority of America might be overweight, that doesn't mean that all of them are. Its not like fat people are a rare find in Europe or anything so I really don't see your point.
People shouldn't be defined by the country they come from, but by who they actually are.

It's kind of funny that Kurt Cobain didn't realize that Teen Spirit was a type of deodorant until after the song came out, amirite?

It smells like teen spirit in here! ...I know, don't you just love the smell of vanilla chai?!

People who like taco bell, also must like dog food, because they both use grade F meat, amirite?

To be honest...some of those specialty dog cookies look pretty tasty. Whenever I see them in the mall I have to tell myself that they are not for humans.

The Quaker Oats guy scared you when you were little, amirite?

He looked way too happy to me.

Girls: Sometimes you feel bad because you have to pretend to guys that you have your period each month. They probably know it's a myth and that we have them only each couple of years. amirite?

If that was true, there would be a lot less teen pregnancy.

I'm from Alaska, I don't ride polar bears to school, live in an igloo, or have a penguin as a pet. amirite?

It's true...I wish I had a penguin though :(

Why isn't there a restaurant that has a delivery service just for desserts and coffee?? amirite?

Gas prices are too high. You know that most places have a limited amount you have to spend right? Well, they would have to make really expensive desserts in order for a delivery service to happen.

It bothers you when people go through your camera and delete every picture they hate of themselves. Especially if you actually like the picture, amirite?

ehh well if the picture was taken of me and I didn't allow them to in the first place, then I would delete it.
But if it was a group photo and other people looked nice then I wouldn't care.

Every 16-Year-Old with a digital SLR camera thinks they're a professional photographer and they feel the urge to take several photographs of everyone and everything, amirite?

Agreed, however some of them are really good.

Beautiful girls can get away with everything. Ugly girls get ridiculed for everything, amirite?
@ZombieBandwagon To a point, you can choose what you look like.

As far as health and hygiene, yes. But the majority is genetics and there are some things you just can't change about yourself where one would be considered ugly.

If you do a google image search for the number 241543903, you will find out why the human race is so fantastic, amirite?

Its just a bunch of pictures of people sticking their head in the freezer.

You hate when someone posts something controversial on amirite (like about periods or lemons) and suddenly for the next hour or so, every other post is about this topic, amirite?
@Amish_Allosaurus Then why'd you say "controversial"?

Well it can be controversial sometimes! I guess I just used a bad example, but this happens more if the topic is about racism or gays..etc