The only reason people should break up is because they stop loving each other. Nothing else should matter, amirite?
@kahleekat Not to be too judgmental here, but all the examples above me really shouldn't even classify as love...

Yeah well NO ONE ASKED YOU :'(
updates facebook status about how people shouldn't be judgin or hatin' on me and mah man.

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If I'm José, Amirite?
@Whacka I hate José. Do you know why? He sounds like "hoe say" and hoes should shut up and never say a thing.

To me it sounds like "hose, eh?" and then I think of Canadians and why they would be saying 'hose'

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There should be a universal symbol to put at the start of an email that means "I just wrote you a huge long email but then accidentally deleted it so this is the half-assed 2nd version", amirite?
You hate it when your girlfriend asks you to hold her handbag, and it doesn't match what you're wearing, amirite?
Being proud of your nationality is stupid because you didn't actually accomplish anything, amirite?

There is a huge difference between shame and the absence of pride. In the example of nationality, there is no need for pride nor shame. Not one of us had any choice in the matter of our ethnicity or country of birth. It was all chance. Chance deserves no pride; chance deserves no shame.

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, amirite?

Bacon and bacon.

Instead of the Evolution Theory or the Creation Theory, every school should just teach Simon’s Theory: “Simon, how did the world begin?” “IT JUST FUCKING HAPPENED, OK?” “But why are we here?” “BECAUSE SHUT THE FUCK UP, THAT’S WHY”, Amirite?


(I was declared a Saint coz the Pope was like “Holy shit dude, why aren’t you a Saint yet?” and I was like “I know, right?”)

1. Every student shuts the fuck up and sits the fuck down in school and listens to their teacher, because kids backtalk too much these days.
2. Bullying will not be eradicated, and it will in fact be encouraged – kids nowadays are pussies. Learning to defend yourself and learning to develop a thick skin and not take shit seriously is an important part of education.
3. You don’t drop out, and if you do, you’re forced to either enter a trade course to learn how to be a plumber or something, or forced straight into work. No one is ending up on welfare on my watch.
4. If you’re too retarded to put a condom on, use birth control, dental dams, lubricant, etc., then you’re too retarded to have sex. And no sex at all before 16 – age of consent, motherfuckers.

Guys: You've tried to spin you wang round like a helicopter before, amirite?

I was airborne for like twelve seconds.

Chivalry: Holding the door of the fridge when your girlfriend is making you a sandwich. amirite?

(Bill_Nyelover<3): I am healing while also ridding the body of dangerous toxins and assisting in the metabolism of fats.

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Asking someone to prove god doesn't exist is asking them to prove a negative, it can't be done. You can't prove something doesn't exist, because you would have to prove it exists first, amirite?
@thegirlyouknew Prove to me unicorns don't exist.

They do exist, we just overfed them so we call them rhinos instead of unicorns

British gangsters catch-phrase: Tea time's over bitches, amirite?

You've had your last crumpet. Get in the mini.

For my sociology project, I have to break the norm and note the reactions. I can't do anything illegal or morally frowned upon. Going around a crowded shopping mall with my friend and talking loudly about me being pregnant is a good idea, amirite?

When I did that I walked into a lift (elevator) with my friend and we both stood with our backs to the door. Everyone was really uncomfortable!

Most song lyrics make absolutely no sense, amirite?

"I felt like a glass shrimp, a man on a porcupine fence."