It really sucks when you're so tired that your eyelids feel like you have 10 pound weights attached to them, and everytime you blink your eyes suddenly feel super-glued shut, amirite?
@sabachthani i'm pretty sure famine means you go without food for 40 hours, not sleep... is this for world vision?

Yep it's for World Vision, and you can go the traditional route and go without food, just eating barley sugars and drinking Just Juice, but you can go without whatever. Most people do something else.

I really don't see this sort of thing on facebook as much as everyone else does. Tbh if it annoys you that people talk like this then just delete them.

There is no need for people who are "straight edge" to act like they are superior or whatnot. There is also no need for people to shame others for being "straight edge" as if this group is inferior, amirite?

I think that for most people it's harder to be straight edge, so it's more commendable. Not saying they deserve to act superior, just that it is commendable of them.

I remember when my parents bought me a phone in year 8, it was a green phone that slid up, and my friend's mum loved it so much that she wanted to buy one for her 4 year old.

That's pretty much just on this website. I've found that everyone on here is so obsessed with being right that they don't actually realise they're talking to a real person.

Kids want to grow up too fast these days! I can remember when I was a kid - I couldn't wait to hit 16 so I could drive. Then 21 so I could drink. Now I want to go back to 16!

Idk I like being older, like sure childhood was pretty cool but being is older is waaay better.

telling people not to eat cookie dough raw on the package isn't gonna stop people from eating it, amiritie? amirite?

It just means that you can't sue them if you do get sick from it.

Frankly, for me, I think that just because it's a joke doesn't mean you can say offensive things. Like when people make fun of another person in the name of humour, I just don't find it funny at all.

Wouldn't it be awesome if MTV had a show called "16 and Applying to Colleges"?

I get where your coming from but it wouldn't exactly be entertaining would it...

You didn't get your license the day you turned 16, amirite?

I wouldn't want to do the test for my licence on my actual birthday incase I failed, it would ruin my day!

There is something about you that you hope nobody ever discovers. Amirite?

I'm so boring. I literally have no secrets.

The problem with kids these days is that they hate school and they don't want to learn. You can't excel at something when you have no desire to succeed, amirite?

I hate school with a passion, I just want it to be finished... but I still work hard and get all excellences (equivalent to A's) because I know how important it is.

Of course you're not really going to like cartoons now, they're not made for your age group therefore it's uninteresting to you.

Being Unsure If You Should Believe The Answer Some One Wrote In The Book

This post makes no sense.

That one friend we all have who will get naked for no reason

This post makes no sense.