Youtube commenters are probably the worst people in the world, amirite?

uh what? I was talking about on the channels I watch there are so many people being rude for no reason. I'm not bitching about my commenters, I just make let's plays for my friends to watch.

You want to scream "you're not my real ladder!" at your step-ladder, amirite?

damn guys calm yo tits. i obviously was not aware that this was on facebook, or whatever places you claim it is from. i only saw it on AP, which has a very small userbase compared to other popular sites so i thought to get it out there because i appreciated it.

imagine how much money they would make off of delicious cough syrup, amirite?

I think it tastes bad because if it tasted good even more people would take it recreationally.

Rap is the best music out there. You just have to yya this. Amirite?

No, not at all. You're just a really big idiot.

Ukuleles are just mini guitars, amirite?

they aren't even tuned the same... don't start with the baritone, that's tuned like a bass.

Would suck if you stepped on a screw. And instead of just pulling it out of your foot, it had to be unscrewed, amirite?

I just imagined this...

If you think about it, you don't really know anyone with metro pcs as a phone carrier, amirite?

If you live in Atlanta lots of people have MPCS.

The way Taylor Lautner talks secretly annoys you, but his cuteness makes up for it. amirite?

He looks like a llama

People who are pro-life shouldn't eat eggs; they're eating unborn baby chickens (in their very early stage of development), amirite?

People who are prolife should not eat any animal products imo.

Amp is the only energy drink I like, mainly because it doesn't even taste like one, amirite?

Correct, it is the only one you like.

how did this get homepaged

It's always confusing when you see a one way sign on a road with four lanes, amirite?

The only reason these don't confuse me is because I drive around downtown Atlanta frequently.

Michelle Bachmann is more of an idiot than Sarah Palin, amirite?
@Norma I only meant to inform you. Sorry if it came off as rude.

Alright. No harm done. I saw that her name was Michele on Facebook after I made the post

Michelle Bachmann is more of an idiot than Sarah Palin, amirite?
@Norma There's only one l in Michele.

Sorry for not knowing how to spell the name of someone I dislike.