Girls: You so wanna be the chick in Anthony's new profile pic. Amirite?

It's weird how like half the girls on here are madly in love with him, eh?

It's weird to think that Shane Dawson is a virgin. amirite?

I looove shane ! like i seriously don't know why so many people hate him :)

You remember those rice bags you use to have to heat up in the microwave before the hot patches came along. amirite?

haah, i still use those bad boys.

Anthony must have wanted to prove to someone he was right, amirite?
It's weird to think that Shane Dawson is a virgin. amirite?
@Forevermore Seriously?? I'd do him...

i'm with you on that one.
ohh golly that sounds wrong.

It's weird to think that Shane Dawson is a virgin. amirite?
When you see a boy and a girl from the Special Ed class walking around holding hands, you're never quite sure if they're a couple, or if that's policy, amirite?

This one special needs girl at my school goes up to random attractive males and say "you're my boyfriend" too cute!

"He's only being a jerk because he likes you". Mom, I'm pretty sure it's just the fact that he is a dick, amirite?

I pushed Yeah, you are.
but that doesn't even begin to explain how right you are.

i'm scarred for life.


In LittleBigPlanet, if you die in the pod without exploding yourself; you have some serious skills, amirite?

is that even possible?

I wanna take you up to Winnipeg, thats in Canada! amirite?
@Kateisme I like how snape looks with his creepy expression, but I like ron or malfoy! "I can't go to Pigfarts. It's on mars."

Ohh how proud I was too hear WINNIPEG, in that song. I also peed when I was watching it last summer. :)
btw, I see there's a fellow winnipegger above me somewhere ^ :)

The internet is kind of like high school. MLIA is the preps, FML the sad emo kids, DeviantART the artists, Myspace is the band geeks, and amirite is the cool kids. Amirite?
When playing the piano, you'd better C sharp, otherwise you'll B flat, amirite?

without music my life would Bb :)

It's really annoying when you can hear fireworks from your house but you can't see them, amirite?

That's called gunshots.