About me.

the littlest things make me laugh.
it's not hard to please me.
i'ma free-spirit.
i'm strong and determined.
i love to be wild.
i'm just a girl.
&& that's all i wanna be.

I'm the type of girl,
That stares up at the sky,
And forgets about everything around her.
That dreams she could just go away,
And leave all her troubles behind.
That hopes to find the one,
Who can make all her pain disappear.

I'm the type of girl,
That pretends it's all okay,
To please everyone else.
That puts on a fake smile,
and lets them hear a fake laugh too.
That doesn't let them see her tears,
And has to hide all her scars.

I'm the type of girl,
That wishes on a star,
When she knows it won't come true.
That believes in miracles,
Even though it all seems hopeless.
That tries her best to live,
When she already feels so dead.

I'm the type of girl,
Who you can hear from miles away.
That if you're sad,
It's her job to make you happy.
Who's always saying oops sorry,
For no reason at all.
She practically trip over everything,
and I guess that means she's a cluttz.

I'm the type of girl,
Who can get so mad,
For the simplest things.
She's also the girl,
Who holds back everything.

I'm the type of girl,
If you ask her what's wrong,
She'll just lie and smile and say oh nothing.

Well, I'm from Oklahoma and I love to talk so hit me up. ;)