Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?
It's OK to be 12 years old. amirite?
I'm a 16 year old guy who doesn't have a Facebook and doesn't play COD. I need to be protected in a zoo, amirite?

You could have a myspace and spend all your time doing drugs.

You will forever know that we went to the moon in 1969, because of Even Stevens. Amirite?
Girks: you sometimes wonder if guys talk about girls when they gather up.amirite?

I hope no one ever corrects this typo. I am a proud girk.

Schools are banning the most ridiculous and petty things nowadays, amirite?

One teacher is threatening to suspend me for wearing skirts, even though I make sure everything is covered, and I wear shorts under. A girl in her class who wears short shorts goes by unnoticed.

School people are fucked up.

It's scary but awesome to think that blue whales have veins wide enough for a human to swim through, amirite?
You have been REALLY obsessed with something at one point in your life, to the point where it's almost all you can think about, amirite?

Pirates of the Caribbean isn't an obsession, it's a lifestyle.

Thomas Jefferson once said, “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” So technically, thanks to Obama, we are not a democracy anymore, according to our 3rd president. amirite?
When you think about it, Arthur the Aardvark has a pretty sad life. All his friends tease him constantly (especially that bitch Francine), his sister is always on his back about how much she doesn't like him and never gets punished beyond the occasional scold, he has to wear glasses and isn't particularly good at anything... amirite?

wow none of you knew he was an aardvark. That's sad.
His life isn't all that bad. He has a lot of fun. BECAUSE HE HAS A LIBRARY CARD!!!

There is no shirt in the world that doesn't show clevage at all. amirite?

Uh, if you don't have any cleavage to begin with....

Girls: it really sucks when you need new shorts but the only size they come in is "slut", amirite?
It's depressing only 67% of American youth know who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, while 98% know who lives in a pineapple under the sea. Amirite?
@LaurenZie Because he/she want’s to stir the pot just a little bit to watch to water boil.

that is a horrible way to describe it. You don't stir to watch water boil, water's clear.

crayons are cray-ons, not crowns, amirite?

no, they can be crowns if you tape them together a certain way.

You feel really exhausted when, after a long plane ride, you still have to collect your luggage, find your hotel, unpack your stuff, and get the condoms full of heroin out of your arse, amirite?

I laughed so hard at this.