The jobs of many chefs and cooks would have been a lot easier if no one ever had taste buds and so no one could have ever differentiated the taste between an ice cream, a spicy gravy and a bitter medicine syrup... amirite?
Animals that couldn't learn to swim either stayed away from the water or drowned. amirite?

What does that make Michael Phelps?

The end of day light saving in October, actually makes October the longest month of the year. amirite?

Not in US. They change in November

People today worry about bad AI's, the climate and microplastics, but from history we know that whatever people worried about most wasn't really a problem 100 years later. amirite?

... so don't waste time on worrying about the things others already worry too much about. Instead, if you need something to worry about, look out for the problems flying under the radar of public attention who have the potential to be biiiiiig problems

Talking to yourself is considered a sign of insanity but writing to yourself is normal and encouraged. amirite?

What about talking to yourself from different accounts?

Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?

Shadow dad left to pick up smokes when I was four

Electricity isn't used directly, amirite?

Except the electric chair?

Somewhere in pi, there is a segment of a billion consecutive 1's. amirite?
The word ‘irritating' has a very irritating spelling. amirite?!

Why how

Parkinson's disease is body tourrettes. amirite?

Tourette's is body Tourette's. I'd say Parkinson's is more of like mental Tourette's.

People wouldn't want to come to this country if we made it more hellish, lawless, and scary than wherever they came from. am I right?

Purge night?

If Toy Story was real, and you had a Buzz Lightyear toy, would it think it was a space ranger or would it think it's the toy from the movie and will try and find its way back to Andy, amirite?

Look at the shoe. If it says Andy then find Andy and give the toy back. If not it's your toy.

If your breakfast is an alcoholic beverage, you're either too rich or too poor. amirite?

Or an alcoholic

Fire breaths, eats, and grows—maybe if it were allowed to burn long enough, it would become self-aware too. amirite?

Or just becomes a morbidly obese POS

US history classes get slightly harder every year, amirite?

Why only US?