If you are not going to answer your cell phone or text someone back when they text you what is the sense of owning a cell phone? You own them so you can get in touch with people at any time right?

Why do we go on Amirite if we only have cell phones to get in touch...?

Sometimes, you just gotta draw something, no matter how terrible you are at it, amirite?

This actually isn't half bad of a drawing­čśĆ

Everyone has pretended to die infront their pets to see if they would do anything.

And they don't do anything

The sad thing about Christmas is just how fake it all is. Santa isn't real, it's not actually Jesus' birthday, and the whole story about him may not even be true. All the charity and kindness is something we do once a year to ease our guilt for the selfish bastards we are the rest of the year. The presents are because we get suckered by companies trying to make a profit. Worst part is we all know this yet we just pretend that there's something special and magical about this day, amirite?

You don't know what people believe in so you shouldn't be sayin this

It's inevitable, when you grow up, your heart dies

No... My grandparents are old but they still love eachother

All you need is freedom, amirite?
@fuzala the way I looked at this post was that with freedom we have the chance to get those necessities without freedom...

Freedom is the right to not be owned.. And food and water are TOTALLY different definitions that freedom

From how I am looking at it

All you need is freedom, amirite?
All you need is freedom, amirite?

Erm. No! He is wrong! And people already have been elaborate.

You can be a goth, a punk, a freak, a hipster, a nerd, a fashionista, a weirdo, whatever you like as long as you are respectful of others and are not racist, amirite?

Preach it brotha

All you need is freedom, amirite?

No. You are plain out wrong.

it can be really awkward when you try to tickle someone and theyre not ticklish. like...lemme just viciously touch your sides and make awkward eye contact

And you make tht awkward face and slowly frown....

Ya... It happens to me alot

I heard the students at Sandy Hook were just dying to learn, amirite?

You know this is cruel?!?! And TERRIBLE?!? And just not the right time?!?! You know that right?!! That's why I respect your bravery

Never complain. There are people that dream to have what you have now
It would suck if Santa Claus really didn't exist and it was just our parents putting gifts under the tree every year, amirite?

I mean I give my parents a list of things I want!!! They clearly send it to Santa!!! I mean, they wouldn't just SAY they would send it to Santa and then keep it to themselves! That's selfish!! Pshhhh