At least once, you received a punishment for a very stupid reason, amirite?

Once, my P.E. teacher gave me a detention for "scowling" at her. Wtf?

When morbidly obese women say that they're not "fat" they just have "curves" you just want to tell them in the nicest way possible that there is a HUGE difference between "curves" and "rolls", amirite?

Would she like some butter with her rolls?

Yawning is so refreshing. If you lost your ability to yawn, you'd probably pay at least $20 to get it back. amirite?

Your post made me yawn. It was nice.

Whether you like current music or not, you have to admit it's often vulgar for no damn reason. For example, from the song Bedrock: "Maybe it's time to put this pussy on your sideburns". That's just gross and doesn't even make sense, amirite?

Yes, current music is often vulgar, but that is only some of it. There are plenty of songs now-a-days that aren't. And there are also plenty of songs from past generations that are just as bad. It all depends on what you choose to listen to.

Twitter, where you read nobody elses tweets, but you think everybody reads yours. amirite?

It's more like the other way around....

It's awesome to stay in your PJ's all day and watch TV, amirite?

especially on those days when you're supposed to be at school/work but you end up not going!

Dancers: You will never have pretty feet... amirite?

I always feel bad for the nail lady who does my pedicures... I'm always like, "Sorry, I'm a dancer!"

It's ridiculous how many people were pissed off that a black man is playing Cinna in The Hunger Games. God forbid there be any black people in future America, especially one that is described as being quiet and calm! amirite?

I'll admit that when I was reading the books I didn't picture him as black. However, when I saw the movie I thought that Lenny Kraviz was absolutely perfect for the part. He played him so well and acted just as I thought Cinna would. I wished he was in it more though...

Girls: you have one guy friend that you could easily start a relationship with. amirite?

Sadly no... But I'm keeping my options open... Any takers?

girls: when you're having your period, you just want to have a week long shower, amirite?

Imagine how pruny and shriveled up you would be...

You know when they have a fishing show on TV? They catch the fish and then let it go. They don't want to eat the fish, they just want to make it late for something. amirite?

Mitch Hedberg(: funny guy!

Your pinky toenails are pretty useless, amirite?

Agreed. They're useless, but you have to admit, it'd just bee weird if all of your toes had nails EXCEPT the pinkies

Girls: lipgloss is wayyy better than lipstick, amirite?

haha yaa.... habit....

That movie Black Swan could double to be a horror/porn, amirite?

haha the rating is +69

We've all, at one point in our lives, have put our phones in a ziplock bag and continued to text in the shower, amirite?