Lots of pigeons are probably going to die from starvation soon. amirite?

Did you see the monkeys that invaded a town since no tourists were feeding them anymore?

No one answers unknown phone numbers anymore because of telemarketers, amirite?

I try and answer every call just to screw with them. One time I answered "It's done but there's blood everywhere." Guy called me a son a bitch, it was so funny.

It's a bitch

No one knows why the healthier a food is, the less tasty, amirite?

It shouldn't be. Any healthy meal should also be done well.

The reason healthy food doesn't taste as good a lot of the time is because more work and skill needs to go into it to make it taste good.

With unhealthy food, just chuck some sugar or salt in it - she'll be right.

Saitama from One Punch Man doesn't climb ranks fast because he doesn't put a show in his fights. He always ends it with one punch. amirite?
Statistically one in ever four women you meet is on their period. amirite?

Statistically one in every four men you meet is on their men no pause.

Lollipops are literally just flavouring your own saliva with sugar and drinking it, amirite?
Invisibility cloak in the Harry Potter movies had two functions, first to make Harry invisible and second to make itself invisible. amirite?

!You do not recognize the bodies in the water.!<

Food activates all the five senses. amirite?

Not for blind or deaf people

Humans are the most versatile energy conversion machines, amirite?
Recorder is the MS Paint of musical instruments, amirite?

The disrespect!..... to the recorder! MS paint is like the arm out farts of music

The average of any Win/Lose ratio in a game has to be 50%, amirite?
@Eiraen If you win, the other team loses, and if they win, you lose and draws are just 50/50, thus creating an average of 50%

This just needs to specify on games that you play against eachother and that is is an average of everyone's win/lose ratios.

Nearly everyone has killed something. amirite?

Everyone has killed sonething.

Boiling a pot of water kills millions.

If there were infinitely many parallel universes, then we would visit each other all the time. amirite?

Unless interuniverse travel is actually impossible

It's physically impossible to have all 5 fingers touch each other at the same time, amirite?