Just stick your finger in there and start scratching

Just mentioning the fourth wall in a TV show or movie, breaks it. amirite?
@Unknowncpyt Now to figure out that 5th wall.

That's when the audience can change the situation of the movie

Adding the prefix "Shadow-" to any object makes it sound infinitely cooler. amirite?

Shadow Shadow

Plants that use faeces of vegans are actually cannibals. amirite?
People willingly let men in strange clothes pump diseases into their beautiful babies with needles. amirite?
Elderly drivers are more dangerous on the road than a majority of the drunk drivers that are out there. amirite?
Potatoes get a bad rap by being associated with laziness and ineptitude, but they're basically the same as all other vegetables in those regards, amirite?
If you're fortunate enough, your organs will spend their entire lifetime in complete darkness. amirite?
Never trust a warm fart, amirite?
Ther has never been a thirsty fish ever, amirite?
Most people can survive and thrive eating meat, therefore we literally have flesh eating bacteria inside our stomach and intestines. amirite?

Thats... thats what digestion is...

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?
@Nwbeachcomber101 Yeah, they won't though.

You mean like until the black era of the universe, when almost everything is eventually consumed by black holes?

The fact that people can get fined for not wearing a seat belt in a car but are allowed to ride a motorcycle (without a helmet in some states) is really messed up. amirite?

It's freaking stupid but my understanding is that federal funding can be withheld from states if they do not enforce seat belt laws, this and the insurance companies lobby for these laws.

Even though you will one day die, the atoms that make you up will last to the end of the universe, amirite?
@SleepyEthel Some atoms are more stable than others, but eventually they will all decay into their elementary components.

I believe over a long enough time, all atoms will turn into iron as it's the most stable atomic structure. And then o. Even longer time scales, it might be possible that protons could decay and we'd end with nothing but a couple of photos in the vast emptiness. But by that point the universe as we now it is basically over

In the Lion King, maybe Scar wouldn't have been such a bad dude if his damn parents hadn't named him "Scar". amirite!?