The "gifted" classmates in grade-school, were the kids that had good parents and a stable home environment. amirite?

Not for me, I was "gifted" but my home environment was riddled with fights and other stuff.

Millennials may end up being the first generation in over a century to have suffered a recession when entering the job market and then suffer a recession when starting a family. amirite?

I mean, there was 1927 through to WWII...

Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?
@Then unless you are wearing a mask at home too, the mask is useless.

Masks are suggested in outside your home. "If" you have virus and you don't know(you could be asymptotic) you will minimize the spread by wearing the mask. Masks are for you not to spread virus to others not the other way around. Unless it's N95 mask then you are protected 99% but still have 1% chance.

Condom Companies, such as Trojan and Durex, are slowly putting themselves out of business, amirite?

if only it works that way..

Have you seen the beginning of Idiocracy?
The family trees

Your passwords are technically one of the longest secret(s) you've kept in your life. amirite?
@88080808088 So then what do you call something you don't tell your spouse?

Idk, I just want to believe in loving and trusting your spouse.

Anything can be clothing if you have enough of it and you wear it correctly, amirite?

you don't know what this is like until you have used toilet paper as clothing

Humanity has advanced socially, culturally and technologically, but we are still running on 200,000 year old brain meats our caveman ancestors had. amirite?
@MrWesterfield Ok boomer

That's not the correct way to use that meme.

Living life in your mid-to-late 20s is a consistent daily argument with yourself on whether you're old or young, amirite?

Keep having the argument until your body quits, who cares what the number says.

True beauty doesn't exist as we, imperfect humans, decide what is or isn't beautiful, amirite?
Adolf H. is actually Lord Voldermort but irl, since he's blacklisted on the most of social media and people use you-know-who expression instead, amirite?

Does that mean that he's in some forest somewhere feeding of animals to gain strength?

Parents may not love one child more than the other, but they like one better. amirite?
Technically a baby fish from France is a French fry. amirite?

Aquatic fish hold no citizenship.

The non-aquatic ones though. Watch out.

Mr Bean has never performed an unsuccessful surgery, amirite?
@Appliedproc Neither have I.

But have you performed one? He has

One man could impregnate every woman on the planet, amirite?

What about trans women + infertile females? ;)