About me.

The name's Kim.
I live in a very small town in West Virginia.
I'm eighteen years old and I am currently a freshman at WLU.
I don't like Twilight or Harry Potter.
The show Awkward is pretty much my life acted out by other people.
I'm sarcastic all the time, it's just something that comes naturally to me.
I'm very short, five foot.
I hate people that don't speak/spell with proper grammar, and yes I realize that at the introduction of my "Lets get to know Kim!" I didn't use proper grammar.
I absolutely hate spiders and flies. If there is ever one near me, I will run out of the room screaming bloody murder.
Some of my favorite bands are Mayday Parade, Bullet For My Valentine, Godsmack, ZZ Top, and A Day To Remember.
I have a horrible temper, so watch out! :p
I love talking to people, so don't be a scaredy cat! message me(:
And follow me on Instagram :) @kayheyman

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