About me.

I have a high cold tolerance
.... why this is important for you to know can be your judgement.

something corporate, noah and the whale, the shins, the kooks (anyone see them at toad's on the 11th of march?), MGMT, jack's mannequin, my two briards(see link), leonardo dicapp, ashton kutcher, alex pettyfer, lovely rupert and will smith, reading, people who give me food, the doctors (tennant, eccleston, smith In That Order then the others without preference), Sherlock Holmes (books + BBC take up) and all the band members from above, though mainly Andrew Vanwyngarden/Andrew McMahon/ and The Kooks members are some of my favorite things/ people on this earth. Well, ones that you might be familiar with.
I also enjoy run on sentances.

I'm a vegetarian. Er, a pescetarian. I eat fish & seafood. Also, I have been a demi-vegetarian my whole life. I have never purposefully injested red meat or pork, even when I was a little kid. Weird, I know.

My Briards as a puppy and as a two year old:

it's like a kitten video and those are everyone's, with a soul, favorite.