the sky gets it's blue color from water, but what make the water blue, amirite?

The sky, and water gets its color from the material it is made up of absorbing every wave length of light but blue.

If we really did sow our own wild oats, we could all have sock porridge every morning, amirite?

I'd rather plant potatoes than eat oats every day. Especially not if they come from a sock :P

Jebus stole from the Great Pyramids and plagued his people. amirite?
@Skurlett Who's jebus

The dude responsible for being born a sinner.

There could be a person who has the same body odour as you. amirite?

Sad that you'll probably never find them

You can remove any letter in boat but it would still be an existing word. amirite?
@AJQ1986 That was a close one

I've watched a snake eat a frog.

If everyone had teleportation powers we would all become fat and lazy from not having to walk or run anywhere, amirite?

Wouldn't we burn calories to teleport tho? If it was a natural ability

Arabic numerals have as many pronunciations as the number of languages you speak, amirite?
@CriticallyDangered No, 2.

Ohhh so it's a relative answer! I get it now.

If you're poor and mentally unstable you're crazy but if you're rich and mentally unstable you're eccentric. amirite?
Toilets are safety nets for farts. amirite?
With a smart phone and a swiss army knife, you can get into almost anything. amirite?
@Ajdee6 The guns said otherwise

Deflect them with your 10x folded nippon blade, obviously

There are no cats in the John wick movies. They only show John interacting with dogs, one wonders about his liking for cats. amirite?

Maybe all the cats were off making another movie all their own.

Society doesn't need lawyers as laws are man made, amirite?
Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?
Those people not wearing masks are fine becoming unknown murderers. amirite?
@Spliffkillah Ok. Make sure you tell the medical staff at your local hospital that you don't want put on a ventilator either once...

Haha, nice. Telling someone to essentially kill themselves by rejecting treatment. Quite the gentleman

A lot of people brushes teeth in movies, but no-one uses floss, amirite?

Neither do I. Am I in a movie?