"It isn't natural to have two dads or two moms", amirite?

while technically the truth

it can be misconstrued as anti-lgb

If a dolphin could flap on land at the speed of a toddler, the other dolphins would praise it the same way we praise Michael Phelps. amirite?

Why is this so funny, I'm smiling like a fool, lol

you always remember the correct answers of a test after 5 minutes of finishing, and wish you would have remembered them back then, amirite?

or always have the perfect thing to say to someone 5 minutes later

9/10 times, men who refer to human women as "females" are flying their red flags right out if their mouths. amirite?

Nine times out of ten if a woman is offended being called a female, I walk away.

Most people in Harry Potter universe must be obese because of the spell accio. amirite?
@motorbikemilly what does it do? forgot it

I think it summons stuff to you so you don't have to get up

We can drink many cans of foul tasting beer but will gag on food we don't like. amirite?


Okie is the short form of Okie Dokie which is the long form of OK which is the short form of All Correct. amirite?

Ok also means 0 kills

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?

someone just watched that teeny-bopper rom-com where strangers get stuck in a time loop and fall in love.

Skinny girl products are typically not bought by skinny girls. amirite?

I'm fat but tiny. Skinny have the right tummy part are otherwise more than fit.

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?
@freq432 Exactly. For us to be the "shadows" of some 4D being, our very existence would need to be an absence of something...

Maybe we just don't know what we are missing like a shadow would have no idea it is missing depth

Like our shadows are 2d projections of us we might be 3D projections of 4d beings. amirite?
Most people who point out someone else's "fragile ego", do so because of their fragile ego. amirite?

Can you give examples of this? I'd assume it would be a tiny minority of people with fragile egos that would behave that way. Most people are probably just sick of weak people getting their own way constantly.

Once you get your first job after graduation, no future employer cares or checks what your university grades were. amirite?
@Thenaturelover I filled out nine applications last week and was asked on two of them. I had to admit that I don't remember... that...

Lol. There should be a statute of limitations on that question! After 20 years, your work experience is way more important than your 20-year-old GPA.

Apps with unlimited scrolling are bad for mental health, amirite?

Too late.

Respecting your elders only made sense in the past when people had to be smart, wise, and talented enough to survive into old age. amirite?