You lost all respect for Chuck Norris once he talked about politics. amirite?

The obsession with Chuck Norris was always a mystery to me.

The more they play hard-to-get the more you want them, amirite?

It's pretty intimidating.

Failing gym class is normal, amirite?

But all you have to do is show up =/

One of the most difficult decisions to make in life is whether to pursue your dream or to pursue reality, amirite?

I'm not going to care if I'm successful by society's standars. Whether I end up living in a small fishing village or studying law makes no difference to me. As long as I'm happy, healthy, and worked hard and did my best, I see no reason not to be proud of myself.

There is no such thing as an 'American accent'. Compare a New Yorker with a Californian and you get two completely different dialects. Or a Chicagoan and someone from New Orleans. When someone from a different country says, 'You have an American accent.' it simply reeks of ignorance, amirite?

Reeks of ignorance? That's a bit much.

sleeping naked feels goood, amirite?

Or sleeping in really comfortable underwear.

Homosexuality is a choice, and like every choice there are retards too lazy to make a real decision so that explains bisexuals, amirite?

Way to go. We all think you're an idiot.

Don't get distracted by the waves, or else you'll miss the beauty of the ocean, amirite?

Just... no.

There are two types of people in the world: People who are Greek, and people who wish they were Greek.

You hate your beliefs, but you can't seem to change your mind. Amiright?

If I hated them I wouldn't have them.

Sleeping on any other pillow than your own just feels wrong, amirite?

Which is why I cannot sleep in hotels.

People shouldn't hate Valentine's Day so much. What's wrong with people celebrating someone they care about? Everyone talks about how important it is to love, but it's bad to designate a day for it? amirite?

Even though I'm not in a relationship, I love Valentine's Day. It's just such a sweet day, all chocolate and happiness and flowers. One of my favorite holidays, I don't care how marketed it is.

When you eat cereal you sometimes pretend you're Godzilla, amirite?

I'll try this tomorrow morning to spice up my morning.

You've contemplated running away as a kid at least once. amirite?
It's hard not to fall in love with your best friend, amirite?

Never happened to me =/ That's why they're friends.