Any man who calls himself a 'nice guy' or 'former nice guy' I immediately stray away from. Men like that are usually the most hypocritical, insecure, misogynistic, manipulative bastards out there who believe they deserve a woman's legs to open at their beck and call because they don't beat women. Honestly, you're better off dating a jerk. At least jerks are open about their assholery.

Some women need to realize when too much is too much, amirite?

There's a face on your makeup.

When Adele says "I don't want to be some skinny mini with my tits out” and goes out doing a model shoot with her boobs hanging out, it defeats her whole point, amirite?
@what kind of anti female comments? i never knew about this :O

This isn't word-for-word, but this is pretty much what she said:
"I don't like girls. My friends are guys. Most of the people I talk to are guys. When I have kids, I want five boys. Girls hate each other when boys love their mothers."
It doesn't seem like that much of a big deal, but it's still misogyny. It pushes the idea that women are melodramatic and petty (which the vast majority are not), and instead of realized the stereotype is wrong, she instead says she is the exception. This type of internalized misogyny is rampant in today's society. I was pretty upset that Adele pushed this idea too.
And... excuse me? I happen to have a vagina, and I love my mother, and I don't hate anyone. Once again, the vast majority of women aren't hateful, jealous bitches.

When Adele says "I don't want to be some skinny mini with my tits out” and goes out doing a model shoot with her boobs hanging out, it defeats her whole point, amirite?
@kipkayify I'm starting to dislike Adele a bit. I love her music and I think she's very talented, but she's said very...

Read this blog. I want you to slowly read through it. Then, consider your words.
To put it frankly, you are part of this problem. And no, all women are not like that.

Women are told from the day they are born, that they are nothing less than a disease. To be ashamed of their gender, their femininity, and to be like men. Womanhood is a plague that must be fought against, to become more like the cure - males. We tell women to be like males, to thank themselves for not being like other women. This internalized misogyny and fight for patriarchal approval has turned women to view each other with jealousy, hatred, and ill feeling. Our value is defined by what men think of us.
Misogyny is misogyny is misogyny.
You are part of this problem, this rampant misogyny that our society is infected with. You, Adele, and all the other women that claim, "All women are like that."
And by the way, you are not excluded from this. To the woman down the road, you are 'like that'. To some random female on the internet, you are also 'like that'. Misogyny has no exceptions. Just because you are not like that does not make this better, it makes it worse.

You don't know why there's going to be a "kiss in" at Chick-Fil-A where gay couples go in and kiss since the people that actually work at the individual stores probably don't all have the same opinions as the CEO so it won't be so offensive to them, amirite?

A "kiss in"? Really? Are these people really trying to emulate the sit-ins of the Civil Rights Movement? The difference here is that sit ins were respectful, quiet protest and actually had a point. "Kiss ins" are obnoxious and won't change a single thing.

Boys should ask girls out, not the other way around, amirite?

No, no, no, I completely disagree. To say that a man must do something simply because he is a man is sexism. If women were told to do something just because of their gender, it would be outrage. You know it's true. For some reason, it's 'sexism' if something is promoting female gender roles. But flip the gender, and it's "a man taking charge", or "a man has to be a man".
I'm sure it must be nerve wracking for men to have to take responsibility for every. Damn. Thing. They have to ask the girl out. Driver her to and back. Plan the time and place. And so on.
Sure, women do go for confident men. But what about our males? I'm sure they can appreciate a considerate, confident girl who breaks the status quo and initiates something for once.

It's interesting how little kids are taught at a young age "there's nothing wrong with being different", and then once they get a little bit older and they do something out of the ordinary (like a guy wearing makeup) everyone flips shit. It's like they taught us that being different is OK just so that we could later find out that it isn't. amirite?

It's downright bull that when a girl is masculine, she's a celebrated tomboy, but when a guy is feminine, he's a faggot and is looked down upon.

Talking to your crush is a weird feeling. On one hand, you're excited that you're finally being noticed. On the other hand, you're terrified of saying the wrong thing. Amirite?
Girls: You hate when hot guys know they're hot and act like big arrogant douchebags because of it. Guys: You hate when hot girls know they're hot and act like snobby entitled bitches because of it. Amirite?

Lesson of the day: No one likes a cunt. Real simple stuff.

How about we just don't judge people on their personal decisions that harm no one? Then this problem wouldn't exist to begin with, genius.

Making homophobes uncomfortable is fun, amirite?
@AdonisBatheus Well if they want to be ignorant turds then fine. They've had their chance at educating themselves on homosexuality...

I know that homophobes can be annoying. We all know this. But at the same time, it's important to remember that people's upbringing's and culture reflect who they are. No one is born a homophobe, misogynist, humanitarian, etc. Experiences and upbringings change you as a person. Her parents were born in INDIA in the 60s. People can't just erase their beliefs that's deeply drilled from childhood.
For example, let's say someone is brought up Catholic, from the day they are born the ideology is drilled in. They can't simply change to Atheism. Humans are way more complex than that.

And if I may, if I was Catholic and it was part of my childhood, and an atheist kept calling me 'ignorant' and drilling their beliefs down my throat, it would probably only strengthen my Catholic beliefs more. The same goes for homosexuality and homophobia. I say, Kill em with kindness and love.

It's really depressing when you haven't done anything extremely exciting over the summer and then your friends are like "I just got back from a month in Europe!". It's even worse when the same situation happens year after year. amirite?

Other kids: "I went swimming with the dolphins in Costa Rica!"
Me: "I... did nothing... except sleep..."

Girls, if you're wearing a low cut, almost see through shirt with a push up bra, don't call a guy a "perv" or yell at him for staring at your boobs. You decided to dress like that. They're guys, of course they're gonna stare, amirite?

Of fucking course not. That's embarrassing, I don't want someone to announce what size my breasts are.
Fuck the whole "guys will be guys" thing. Men are intelligent human beings, not monkeys. I'm not monitoring my clothes and happiness and comfort because you can't have the decency to be a polite human being.
The "guys will be guys" thing is used to justify rape, by the way. So fuck that. You CHOSE to wear that dress, you deserve to be humiliated? Screw you.

Girls who say, "a lot of guys are after me", should keep in mind that low prices always attract many customers, amirite?

That's a bitchy and catty way to put it.
You jealous?

Girls: if you owned a time machine, you'd go back to a time when guys were chivalrous..when they held open doors for you, when they stood outside your window quoting Shakespere, when they wanted to be with the girl they liked and not the one they wanted to get into the pants of. You'd go back to the times when romance novels were all around you in you very own life... amirite?

You would adore going back to the lovely days when men were regarded as superior human beings? When women were regarded as the spawn of the devil? When men were allowed to beat and rape their wives? When women couldn't vote? When women were told to stay silent, which cost us half of the population's history and thoughts today? Back to when women's job was to be invisible?
You know Aristotle? He had the same mindset as you. Sure, women are manipulative, not fully human, stupid liars. But, be nice to them boys, and open the door for em. Are you crazy?

I'd like to say that those days you described never existed. Unless you were part of the ELITE nobility, no one did that. And even if you were in the nobility, people just spoke nicer to women. At the end of the day, it was just one big marriage arrangement to give birth to sons.

Chivalry is very controversial topic, but I will say this: You must act like a lady to bag a gentleman. It is rare indeed to see a TRUE lady nowadays. Just because you are a woman does not mean you deserve chivalry. But if you take the time and effort to look, act, and speak like a lady, then and only then can you demand chivalry.