About me.

I love Kirby! He is quite an adorable little guy :)

I would say that I am a total sucker for animals. I believe in treating them right and rescuing as many as we can from abusers.

Harry Potter is my all-time favorite series, but I'm not one of those fanatics that quote it all of the time and dress up as the characters for Halloween.

The best movie, in my opinion, is Avatar (blue people, NOT air benders). It just shows how much of failure we humans are.

Speaking of which, I believe that global warming, cutting down trees, and the endangerment of animals are growing problems, and thus I am an environmentalist. I am part of an environmental club in my school.

As for political views, I am a firm believer in many U.S. government conspiracies, such as 9/11 and knowledge of extra-terrestrials.

I am also proud of my Polish heritage (yes, I'M POLISH AND I'M PROUD). We are simply amazing and cannot compare to anyone else.

Because of my Polish background, many of my opinions are based from the church (i.e. gay rights, the big bang). I know that many atheists are members of this site, so they will probably oppose most of my opinions.

I'm a total Grammar Nazi. Sorry :P

Thanks for actually taking the time to read this. (I wonder how many of you actually do?)