Your hot, amirite?

My hot? I don't have a hot.

You went through a phase where you were obsessed with at least some of these websites: MLIA, FML, dearblankpleaseblank , GMH, Six Billion Secrets, Photo Bomb, Artoftrolling, and all those other types of websites. amirite?

I'm still obsessed with SBS, but right now it's really disappointing me with it's "secrets."

Kids need to stop being in such a hurry to grow up. I mean, you have 10-12 year olds that are getting their hair dyed and streaked, wanting to get things other than their ears pierced, and want to have boyfriends and go to all these parties. I mean, it's their lives, but come on! Save all that stuff for when you're older. For now, enjoy being young and somewhat innocent, amirite?
@Vampite I don't see how getting your hair dyed/streaked is "not innocent" or anything, but I agree with the rest of the post

It's not that it's "not innocent." It's that they're making such a big decision so early in their life (most of the time they get it dyed/streaked multiple times which = early hair damage) , solely based on what they think is "cool" or a "good idea" at the moment.
The part about innocence has to do with them wanting to grow up so fast. I mean, getting your nose pierced and hair dyed won't cause you to do drugs or get arrested or knocked up or whatever, but things like getting involved with guys pretty early (not sex exactly, but...) and partying (they might get introduced to some things they didn't know before, that they might try.)

We are teenage girls. When we go home… Our perfect hair goes up into messy buns. Our makeup has faded or smudged so we take it off. The fake smile vanishes into how we really feel. Our brand new shirt changes into our favorite old sweater. Our skinny jeans are traded for sweat pants or pajamas. Our Uggs are taken off to reveal our fuzzy socks. When we go home… You wouldn't recognize us, ami... amirite?

Half of this stuff sounds like how some of the popular girls at my school are dressed every day. Sweaters, sweat pants, fuzzy socks, buns, little to no makeup...

School is the only place where you see the stereotypical librarian; older lady, glasses, frumpy clothes, always says "shh", amirite?

Well, my school's librarian has glasses, but she's pretty young looking, dresses in really colourful clothes (kinda like Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus, but not as crazy) and she's super nice. If someone's being loud, she just politely asks them to be quiet. :)

You want a blanket with legs, amirite?

The Luggie; The Blanket With Legs!

Ok, the Luggie sounds weird...

It's really annoying when you have a boyfriend, and there are guys who still won't stop flirting with you, amirite?
@wow thats pretty much saying "dosent is suck when you have like so many guys begging for you, its so stressful...

The guys at my school are always bothering and flirting with all the girls, not just the "hot girls."

Steve > Joe from Blues Clues, amirite?
The government should somehow regulate the use of Autotune, so that people who have no natural talent don't become famous, amirite?
@fuustoleit True. That's why I said "regulate" not outlaw, so it could be used for effects, but not to make everyone think that...

Yeah, I was just putting that as a reply more to what everyone else in the comments section has been saying.

Asian Kids from Texas: Sometimes posts are directed at too small of an audience to get homepaged, amirite?
After a sertian age "emo" or "scene" teens need to join socity and get a new style. amirite?
They should make tampons out of sham wows already, amirite?

They did. Well, it's not real, I think, but they had something about it when Vince did an Eminem commercial for the Recovery CD.

Girls: We don't wear makeup to impress the guys. We wear makeup because it's fun and helps enhance our faces, amirite?
Dear people who hate on artists like Justin Bieber and Katy Perry for being "talentless". Let me introduce you to Ke$ha and the Black Eyed Peas. amirite?
@Because it hasn't already been proven on more than one occassion that Katy Perry really DOESN'T have any talent by...

Actually, I saw videos of her before she was super famous, where she played acoustic and sang songs like "Thinking of You", "Mannequin", and "One of the Boys" and she was really good. Somehow now though, she sucks.

You feel kinda bad when you write a post or an opinion that you think is good, and people don't like it, and you can't delete it because you waited too long, amirite?

Sometimes people get influenced very easily. For me, I feel bad for about 10 seconds, then I realize that I don't give a shit, because at least I can see the logic in my opinion. :)