It would be really funny if the GPS changed voices depending on what part of town you are in. YOOO Man, Yawll enturrin da ghetto! teerrrn leffft and' hit up tha likor store beeotch! Nah Nah Nah Nah Yawll misst da teeern. You are reallly dumm. Fur reel. amirite?
@rawr_ur_dead Explain to me why I have been getting an A in almost every class I have taken for the past idk how many years. I am...

There's a difference between street smarts and school smarts.
If you honestly think that we're talking about school smarts, I think you need to get some common sense.

Airlines have banned passengers from taking tweezers on board... Anybody who can hijack a plane using a set of tweezers deserves the fricking plane, amirite?
@annaisocoolike posted on 9-11 really? any other would be funny but thats cuttin it close on today

My dad died in 9/11.
I honestly didn't even think of 9/11 until you said that.
Way to ruin the post.

I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?
It must be awkward when people in "The Simpsons" eat bananas, amirite?

it's already awkward when WE eat them.

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@Amish_Allosaurus Video amirite? What...

They've had video amirites for a while.

Parent's never know when their own kids lose their virginity, amirite?

If I ever get a kid, I'm always going to convince myself that they're an untouched angel.
And if anyone tells me differently, I'd stab them.

In Soviet Russia, amiwrong?
I'm watching pom, and you totally misread that. amirite?
Give a fish a fish, and you introduce the concept of slavery to an entire species. Teach a fish to fish, and you make him a mythical, nightmarish murderer feared by his own kind. So maybe just stay away from fish, amirite?
@Richard Something is fishy about this post...

Yeah. It just seems like one of those posts that was made for the halibut.

You cried when you found out Anthony died, amirite?

Anthony is probably laughing his head off at this post....

in heaven. T T

Just because you choose not to associate with black people doesn't mean you're racist. amirite?
@45 people are black and mad...

I think you're lost:

We shouldn't really give poor people our money, because it's their fault their poor, amirite?
Has anyone noticed that there aren't many play-places at fast food restaurants anymore? Probably because none of those kids chowing down on burgers and fries can fit through the tunnels, amirite?

Well I actually don't see many places with no play places, but just thinking about play places makes me relax.

Back when I was a kid whenever I wanted some peace and quiet after eating chick-fil-a, I would go to their play place and go to the tippy top of the entire structure. There I would just lie down, look out the window at the cars passing by, and listen to their jazz music. If any kid decides to ruin my quietness, I howl and snarl from above until they get so scared they run out of the play place crying.

It's pretty funny that kids in 6th-8th grade "cheat" on their "girlfriends/ boyfriends". They're not having sex, so what do you do to cheat on them? Hold another kid's hand? That makes no fucking sense, amirite?

(I'm in 8th grade)
My worst enemy is this chick that won't close her legs.
She gives lap dances to her male friends, grabs her boyfriend's penis (in public) even though they've been dating for 2 days and screamed about her "STRIPPING MONEY" in class.
It's disgusting.
She's even bragged about getting raped, which I honestly don't even understand. >_<

Don't worry, I'm one of the kids that know this generation sucks ass.