About me.

Im Kym. Im 15 years old. Im a Sophomore at a highschool somewhere in Colorado. Nope, Im not cool. Im not from Canada or somewhere in Europe. Too bad, so sad. My favorite color is purple. I like reading, a LOT. My favorite books are City Of Bones, and Uglies. I really really like Mtn.Dew. Its the shit. Amirite is a good pass time, usually. I became somewhat addicted over the most recent summer. I dont like capitalizing anything, but this seems a bit formal, so what the hell... Uh. Music- The Used, Motion City Soundtrack, 3Oh!3, Mayday Parade, Three Days Grace, Peirce The Veil, Escape The Fate, Paramore, Bullet For My Valentine, Rise Against, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, Breathe Carolina, We Came As Romans, Alesana, Atreyu... Stuff like that. WAY too many to name. I hate school, who doesn't really in one way or another...? I guess. Thats really it, not too much, Im not really that interesting.
Have a nice day