About me.

Hi there. I am Laura, I am 15 years old, and I'd just like to start out by saying that I'm not like other obnoxious 15 year-olds. I may be obnoxious, but it's at least in a different way. I don't have a whole lot to say, so I'll just... I'll just list some random facts.
o My eyes are extremely light blue.
o I can't help my cursing when I'm deep in conversation. I honestly can't. Yes, it is sad. So don't be all "Stop trying to sound cool using bad words, blah"- no, that's just how I talk.
o I am from Italy, but I moved to the US when I was like 5 so... yeah. All Americanized and shit. I've lived in Maryland all this time and I'm kind of a redneck, I guess.
o I NEVER say "because", it's always 'cause so I will write out that way. And when something has a 't' or 'd' sound it is never audible as such; it's more of a... pushing sound, I guess? Like moun-n, and 'winter' is winner.
o I'm the kid that just sits there during class and doesn't say anything. Ever.
o I am a Christian. And I read the bible. That shouldn't be a surprise, but unfortunately it is becoming increasingly shocking.
o I may argue with your beliefs if you argue with mine, but I'll try never to take a dump on the thoughts that make you special. So try to show me the same respect.
o I am going to be a marine biologist. That's not just an aspiration that I'll grow out of, it's GOING to happen, dammit.
o My sister is on this site. O.o
o I listen mostly to doom metal. My favorite song of all time is "Death, Come Near Me" by Draconian.