Nice Hummer. Sorry about your penis, amirite?
Women are like parking spots, The good ones are taken, and the rest are disabled. amirite?
I know why they call it Post of the Day. It's because the acronym is POTD, and if you sound that out, it sounds like "party", which is what a Post of the Day is, amirite?
"Friday" by Rebecca Black is the WORST song EVER invented. It makes you lose hope in all of society, amirite?
@Max Not gonna lie, that song is my jam.

It does save you a lot of money on calenders.

99% of guys are hot. The other 1% go to your school, amirite?

There are a ridiculous amount of double standards on this site favoring girls. Amirite? is where all the female hypocrites gather, I see.

Guys: You find it really hard not to tell girls the huge secret about penises that we can never let them know. amirite?
"Friday" by Rebecca Black is the WORST song EVER invented. It makes you lose hope in all of society, amirite?
@Max Whenever I feel down, I just think "Yesterday was Thursday." and I feel better. It's so inspiring.

I understand her confusion with which seat she should take, also. It is just, like, so confusing sometimes.

Sitting on the toilet backwards. Think about it, that little tank on the back of the bowl opens up a world of possibilities. You can take a nap, eat a bowl of cereal, finish your homework, file a tax return, pratice origimi, train your pokemon for the elite four, mow the lawn, wash the dog, cure cancer, take out a 2nd mortage on your house, punch a politician... or shit backwards, amirite?

Your pants have to be off in order to sit backwards!


Guys: Some of the girls on amirite are very attractive. Girls: Too bad none of the guys are. amirite?

omg im sooo ugly </333 PLz Compliment mehhh <33 :0- -:" 8====D

If your house were to get possessed by a spirt or whatever like in Paranormal Activity, you would have some fun with it. Like if it were to start pounding and making noises, you would make louder noises and compete with it. amirite?

Let's be honest, everyone would shit themselves if this happened, not have fun.

Chivalry may be scarce, it may even be dead. But women, you wanted your equality, you got it. You want respect from a man? Do it the same way a man gets respect from a woman: by earning it, amirite?

stands up slowly begins slow clap

Girls have prostitution to turn to when everything goes down hill, what do guys have, amirite?
Seriously, why are men considered the stronger sex? Women go through everything from childbirth to hair and make up, and all the average man has to worry about is pulling out, amirite?

Everything you listed is a woman's own choice. Dumbass.

Apparently, 1 in 5 people in this world are chinese. And there are 5 people in my family, so it must be 1 of them. It's not me, so it could be my dad, my mom, my older brother Colin, or my younger brother Hao-Chang-Lee. But it's probably my brother Colin, amirite?

Fuck! reposts, they're everywhere!
"durr its gotta be colin lawl"
"this is a repost derp!"
"more people saying resposts than actual reposts herpdy derp!"