About me.

My name is Lam.

I'm nonreligious.
I'm a liberal.
I try to visit a different country every other summer.
I pay taxes.
I don't watch sports.
I love attending musicals live.
I'd rather be close friends with a hot chick rather than date them.
I'm not homosex.
I'm kind of stingy.
I don't drink or do drugs.
I'm very tolerant of others.
I've been told I'm arrogant.
I've been told I'm an elitist.
I've been told I belong in Slytherin House.
It's been suggested many times that I'm a hipster.
It's been suggested many times I will take over the world one day.
I have really pretty hands, apparently.
It's been suggested many times I should run for president.
Most people think I give amazing speeches.
I find it hard to hate people.
For some reason, people love opening up to me.
But that's okay, I love listening to people's stories and problems.
I don't believe anything is inherently right or wrong, good or bad.
I believe there are actions, events, and individual perceptions of them.
I'm probably not a hipster.