It's astounding that a little seed can grow into an abundant variety of huge flourishing trees under proper conditions, amirite?

One seed cannot grow into a variety of trees though...

Convicted murderer's should never be let out of jail. An eye for an eye is what I believe. Why let these sicko's out to kill again?
Convicted murderer's should never be let out of jail. An eye for an eye is what I believe. Why let these sicko's out to kill again?
@fuzala gotta look at the rest of the quote "an eye for an eye makes the world blind"

The origins of the quote are in the lex talion of the ancient Babylonian and roman laws stating that the appropriate punishment for an assailant injuring another person be the infliction of the exact injury. This was later used in the old testament and has been literally translated as "eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot...". Modifications to the quote began with Jesus of Nazareth quoting the first two clauses somewhere in the new testament and then criticizing it. More than 1.5 millennia later, Mahatma Gandhi came up with word very close to the MLK jr.'s quote that you have used in your comment.

So, no. "An eye for an eye makes the world blind" is not the quote that the OP is referring to.

(I am just in a bitter mood today and can't handle this positivity. Lol)

Dying is quite easy; living is much more difficult

How do you know?

Canada has no problems allowing gay marriage, so why is it so difficult for the U.S. to legalize it?

because the Canadian conservatives are more liberal than the American liberals.

Fad diets don't work, and we've got the science to back it up. I think it should be illegal to advertise or promote fad diets. Companies should be focusing on honest ways to educate consumers about good nutrition, rather than just taking their money and giving them misinformation and false hope about diets that don't work.

If people are stupid enough to fall for the fad diet commercials, they deserve it. There are free resources available for people to utilize and educate themselves. If we went around banning everything that is misleading, we wouldn't have any commercials at all. And I rather enjoy the free content that advertisers pay for instead of people who can't even distinguish between marketing and truth.

Time is forgiving. No matter how much of it you have wasted, yet you have entire tomorrow

Time is like a bipolar parent. Sometime, it's still there for you even after you fuck up. Other times, it kicks you in the ass for no apparent reason.

It surprises me that there are still people out there who adamantly refuse to be organ donors, as if they'll have any use for their own organs after they die. However, since they don't want to share their organs, I don't think they should be eligible to accept donated organs. In other words, I think we should deny organs to non-donors.
@gay_boi I would like point out that sometimes there is a very good reason behind them not donating, for example some...

I really don't think that religious doctrine is a good enough reason for anything but I do agree with the point.

That awkward moment when someone catches you checking yourself out in the mirror.

Or a tinted window

Adaptability is the best trait you can have, amirite?

but in X-men, Darwin died first.

Sometimes, you wish that your friend would take you for granted and confide in you without worrying about you instead of hurting her/himself, amirite?
@littlewonder I was wondering that, too.

well... my friend told me that she didn't talk to me because she didn't want to seem like she was taking me for granted. I just used her words.

A lot of people will disappoint you in life. Don't let any of them be you.

What if you have already done so.

Generally sad people: Your happy days are a little bitter sweet. You are glad that you are feeling good but you know that it is going to be short-lived and all you can do is cherish it while it lasts.
@I think you just mean depressed people.

But that would require me to classify myself as depressed. I feel that it would be a disservice to myself and those who have depressive disorders to label myself as such when I do not know for sure and have not been diagnosed with it.

If Wal-Mart is lowering prices every day, how come nothing in the store is free yet?


It is cowardly to continue to live a lie that is at the brink of being exposed, amirite?
@Laguakat Why cowardly?

because you don't have enough courage to burst the bubble?

well, not you specifically..