People shouldn't complain that there are too many songs about love or partying. What else are songs supposed to about? Days of the week? Amirite?

Personally, I like songs about landslides and about how if you get knocked down, you should get up again.

The Loch Ness monster is probably a Lapras, amirite?

Damn straight.

If you eat an Oddish, are you eating meat or vegetables, amirite?
There has been one fashion trend you refuse to give into, amirite?

Silly Bandz...

Hot fries are better then cold ones, amirite?

That's probably why they serve them hot...

Actual status from a 10 year old on my Facebook newsfeed: "Im sick of the single life." Yeah um.... amirite?

Don't forget the parents of these children need to grow some fucking balls and quit buying them expensive items, learn to say no and then beat them when they misbehave.

If zelda is always getting owned and link is the main character why do they call it 'legend of zelda', amirite?

Cause if they called it Legend of Link it would be "LoL"

When you were younger and watched Teen Titans, you either wished you could morph into any animal, or recited what Raven says hoping you had powers, amirite?

"Azarath metrion synthos"

Misty is kickass and she doesn't have black hair...

The letter "c" shouldn't really be in the alphabet, the sounds from it either come from k or we could really just get rid of it, and it wouldn't make much of a difference, amirite?
@jasmineee123 But then how would we make the "ch" sound?

Exactly. Without c we couldn't say Chauncy choked chewing on chum.

Anyone hear the joke about the Asian failing math? Yeah, me neither, amirite?

Ever had Ethiopian food? Neither have they...

Car keys. . . I suppose I could jump out of the window behind my computer (on the 2nd floor) and if I'm lucky enough to not break my legs hop in my car and run them over.

It's funny how girls despise the idea of having a guy's name, and yet a lot of their names are shortened to guy names anyway, amirite?
Dragonite is such a badass pokémon. He's all like "Look at me, I'm ridiculously cute and-...hey, what you looking at, huh? dragonbreath yeah fuck you", amirite?

Lapras uses ice beam, it's super effective.

If you're American (and you don't plan on moving to France when you're older) why the hell would you take French class instead of Spanish? There aren't hundreds of thousands of French immagrants coming here everyday. amirite?

If you live in America you should speak English because that's what everyone speaks in America. If I moved to Spain I would learn Spanish and if I went to live in France I'd learn French; it's only fair that people coming into the U.S. should learn English.