Guns are rendered backwards in FPS games. amirite?

I've only ever seen the ejection port on the left side in like 2 games, bad company loved it for some reason

Addiction is deriving pleasure from one thing. Freedom is deriving pleasure from all things. amirite?

Addictive or not in the end they inject you with morphine to sleep forever

Nowadays everything Can run Crysis. amirite?

please explain how to run it on my 2020 itanium box.

Wolverine probably still has his wisdom teeth. amirite?
@Mytokhondria wait.... why aren't his teeth made of adamantium? or coated in it?

The process of covering his bones with adamantium only covered his major bones, the outcrops like his teeth, and the bones of his inner ear would seemingly be excempt.

There is an issue in an alternative universe where they captured him again, continued the experiment and laced his teeth and also muscles with adamantium.

Fewer and fewer people witness the Milky Way in their lifetime. amirite?

Light pollution is too much even outside of cities (especially big ones), but there are clean-er spots in the rural areas that are worthy a try. This is more like LPT but good advice OP

People estimate snow depth the same as dudes estimate their dick length. It's always a little more than reality. amirite?

You're supposed to start from the asshole, right?

Having a paper map went from being one of the biggest flexes of power and wealth in ancient civilization for thousands of years. To being something nerdy and irrelevant in the past 20ish years, amirite?
@Tommyfrank A light bulb will blow your mind then!

There wasn't a real progression with that though. It was a torch. Then a lantern. Then electricity.

People are always trying to breed spicier peppers, but never colder mint leaves, amirite?

Just drink some water, BAM instant maximum coldness

Sex during Space-travel might help for those with erectile-dysfunction, amirite?

Do you know how a dick works?

No matter how bad it gets, you will always be rich at the dollar store, amirite?

Not if you've only to 50c you won't be

Because of listening to music out of earbuds and headphones on our phones, we do not know what songs the people we live with like to play on repeat. amirite?
People born in 2009 aren't 5 year olds anymore. amirite?
@hwoarangatan Time flies.

Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

It is amazing how there are tons of papers about why we yawn and they all conclude that we don't have a clue. amirite?
The first Dating App was created by a desperate person. amirite?

Or just someone wanting to capitalize on a persons inherent need to love in a increasingly online world

There's no blue food. amirite?

Blue cheese.