About me.

I like reading the profiles of users with long about me sections, but when I try to write mine, I come up blank.

I'm an academically gifted and socially challenged human being. By academically gifted I mean I go to a small school and there aren't many to compare me to. By socially challenged I mean I'm constantly apprehensive and avoid talking to people I don't already know.

I used to like things a lot, but slowly everything has become meaningless and I don't see the point in most things. The only things I really value anymore are the relationships I have with friends and family.

I make jokes a lot. Some are about others; some are at my own expense. Most are at my own expense.

My goal in life is to be unnoticed yet successful. Do something notable without being noted.

I like science quite a bit. Another of the few things I care about. I particularly like anatomy, astronomy, and forensics. Take the astronomy bit with a grain of salt, because my interest was sparked solely on the move Apollo 13, which also sparked my interest in Kevin Bacon.