About me.

Yo! :D
My name's Lila, which means Lilac in English. (Hence the name)
I was born in Mashad, Iran.
I'm 14 years old. :)
My birthday is March 24, 1997.
I'm a sophomore in high school.
I currently live in the United States.
My favorite color is Lavender. (Hence the name)
Both of my parents were born in Kabul, Afghanistan.
I have 9 siblings. D:
I'm the youngest. :)
So I get spoiled a lot. cool smilie
I don't like obnoxious people. :P
People who say that I'm quiet don't really know me that well...
I look super innocent, but I actually have the mouth of a sailor.
I'm usually nice to everyone, I try to always be positive. y smilie
No me gusta los "buzz-muertos"
I speak: English fluently, and can communicate in Farsi & Spanish.
I play tennis, but I fail really bad. :'(
I'm Agnostic/Muslim. Haha, I don't think that exists but oh well.
My parents are super duper strict. They don't let me go out with my friends unless they know the family, we're somehow related, and they're a girl.
Yah... tell me about it...
I've never had a boyfriend. foreveralone smilie
I think guys are intimidated by me. I don't really know why, I try wearing up-to date clothes, flirt occasionally, and give hugs. hmm smilie
I like guys with a sense of humor, I could care less about the looks. :P
I'm more mature than people my age, and look older than them too.
I work at a daycare, and I love children so much!!! :D
I want to be either a Psychologist or Registered Nurse when I grow up.
I have a really hard time saying "no" to people. It stinks, because then they start taking advantage of this flaw. :(
I have a passion for art. But I haven't practiced in a while so I'm rusty.
A lot of people think I'm Japanese, I'm actually Afghan. It's probably because I have ancestors from Mongolia, (the Huns). I don't blame them though, it's my squinty eyes and fair skin that cause them to think I'm from that certain ethnicity.
I'll add on to this later.