high school musical is overrated🤷🏻‍♀️, amirite?

who said the opposite??!?!?!?

It's not a coincidence that water, the most common liquid, is transparent. Life evolved in ocean so eyes had to have evolved to read wavelengths not absorbed by water around, amirite?

This is really interesting but can you please expand on the last part about wavelengths not absorbed by water around? I don't follow.

People who get mad when you ask about their tattoos are pretentious assholes, amirite?
@Balkany4Ever Because it naturally draws attention. When something grabs your attention you ask questions. Expect it and don't...

Because it naturally draws attention. When something grabs your attention you ask questions.

So do boobs, but I don't ask questions

The instrumental outro of the rock song "Layla" is much better than the main part, amirite?

I'll add a related one--while Layla is great, it's only the 3rd or 4th best song on that album

Changing in front of your close friends is weird, amirite?

But changing out your old friends regularly is a good idea. Like batteries in a smoke detector

Having "stages" of your relationship is ridiculous. amirite?

Looks like someone needs to brush up on consent just to be safe

I'm tired of ALL the Boomers being lumped together! amirite?

Your parents? Boomers start in 46 and if younger boomers are born 54-64 then only those born in 1946 could be 18 when parenting those born in 1964, even back then most parents where actually legally adults when having their first baby. Your parent generation would be the silent generation (1928-145).

But yes I agree that generations are being lumped together in a way that does not make sense, people born 10-20 years apart will have extremely different experiences because the world will look so different at different stages in their lives.

Drug dealers shouldn't be demonised, amirite?
@404ChompyNotFound Drugs, if used as intended by the drug dealer (in excess, everyday) will often destroy the users life. Other things...

"Ilegal drugs" I might add. Because ibuprofen is a drug also and if used as intended, wont destroy your life.

Being the youngest sibling does NOT automatically make me/anyone a brat! amirite?

This is true becoming yea I got in trouble less than my sister but it's because I was a better kid my sister underage drank and stole and did my dads weed I just kept to myself

Ground beef is better than steak, amirite?

Why did I read this as "ground beef is better than shark"

Stupid concept: "It takes two to tango"... amirite?

"It takes two to tango" is an invitation not to engage with someone else in conflict. Regardless of right or wrong.

The best way to watch a movie alone is on your smartphone! amirite?

You haven't actually explained why this is better than a TV. Just how it could possibly be as good as one.

Despite there being 10 trillion trillion molecules of air per cubic meter. It's mind boggling that we don't even recognize airs existence. amirite?

We can certainly recognize it's absence though.
Familiarity breeds contempt, and uniform sensations are filtered out

Mascara ads are too misleading, amirite?

Centimetres lol

Yah you're right the ads are ridiculous

Children of Men is a smarter version of Last of Us, amirite?