About me.

So the name is Mason. Im not really the totally opinionated type (kinda weird to say on a site like this...), I'm open to debate as long as you dont try to insult me personally. I seem to piss a lot of people off without knowing, so if I do, my bad. And if your reading this, thanks, you found something I said interesting enough to check out who I am. Or I said somethinng rediculously stupid, and you thought, " Who the fuck is this idiot?" Hopefully the first one.

I'm from Kentucky. There. I said it. Downplay my opinion, call me an idiot, insult my knowledge. I don't care. Kentucky is great. We have the gold, nerve gas, nukes, and the 101st Airborne. Good to know before you misjudge us and call us all hill billies. That said, I will admit there are a ton of rednecks. You can't go anywhere without running into any. Most of them aren't idiots, but plenty have their moments.

I like to think I'm a pretty smart guy. I get good grades in school, and if there is a topic that peaks my interest, I'll look into it. By no means does that mean I'm a nerd or a geek. I love to chill out and have a good time. I hang out with people as much as I can. I'm pretty much down with doing most things, as long as it won't mess me up or fuck with other people too badly.

If you want to get to know me better, just send me a message. If you seem like the type of person I like to be around, sure, I'll talk to you. If that ever gets to the point where I'm actually talking to you on the phone or something, you should probably know something first. I'm chronically monotone. My voice almost never changes pitch, no matter if I'm happy, tired, angry, being sarcastic, or uninterested. So that's pretty much everything you know about me. Hope this didn't take too long to read.

tl;dr- Hi I'm Mason