The most annoying people in your life are the kids that are one grade lower than you, amirite?

It doesn't help much when everyone, even the teachers, agree that the grade below me is the worst in years

No Vietnam movie is complete without "Fortunate Son" playing at some point, amirite?

I didn't even know the name of that song, but as soon as I read this the guitar intro started to play in my head...

What if people really do see the things that they claim are ghosts, except they aren't really spirits or poltergeists? What if what they're really seeing is a chunk of time that got temporarily lost? So a girl could've been brushing her teeth in your bathroom 50 years ago but that time got mixed up and you're seeing it happen right now. It's not really happening, but you see it. That would be pretty creepy but insanely awesome, amirite?
There is potential for me to make a lot of money off of this website, amirite?

This made more sense when I had a different username

To Kill a Mockingbird is a beautiful, simple, masterpiece of a book, amirite?

It was a good book, but the fact that it was assigned for me to read the whole book over winter break kinda ruined it...

The "Squeaky Boots" episode of Spongebob is just The Tell-Tale Heart, amirite?

Oh my god, I never realized that. That's awesome

There's always that one guy in your school who wears the same sweatshirt every single day for winter, amirite?

Mine sweatshirt so fucking comfortable, I see no reason to not wear it everyday in the winter

If you were a gum dealer in school charging for each stick, you'd make more money than the best drug dealer, amirite?

There was a guy at my school who did this and charged a ridiculous amount per piece (like a dollar per piece), and made enough money to buy an iPhone and a MacBook air.

Kids on a plane are more annoying than snakes on a plane, amirite?

I have had it with these motherfucking kids on this motherfucking plane!

You never really understood how to play minesweeper, amirite?
Guys: you wish you had a urinal in your house, amirite?
It's pretty epic when you type "do a barrel roll" into Google, amirite?

I'm happy that they made that work on mobile too!

There's that one girl on facebook who makes every status "txt me 987-2039" and you wonder if anyone actually texts her. amirite?

Well for me it's a guy...

You are excited for 10/25 for one reason or another, amirite?
@siddysid96 BF3

There's not enough battlefield fans on here to make this post positive...

You're wearing short sleeves, your arms are cold, you put on a jacket. You're wearing shorts, your legs are cold... what do you do? They should make pants jackets, or "panckets", for those times, amirite?