It is beyond irritating when someone leaves your bedroom door wide open after they exit the room, amirite?
When listening to foreign music, vocals are more like instrumentals because you can't understand them and treat them more for musicality than lyrics, amirite?
You realize how 'inappropriate' a song is when you hear it on the radio. amirite?
If we evolved to have any other number of fingers, the Base-10 system probably wouldn't be nearly as popular. amirite?

All your base belong to us.

People trying to look cool pulling on vapes actually look like they're just sucking their thumb, amirite?

Vapes should have invisible smokes

Masturbation is a skill that comes in handy. amirite?
We all give. each other 1 doller and we all will are becomes billion ears, amirite?
Wood will probably be considered a luxury building material, like marble, when we colonise other star systems. amirite?

Space wood!

It's weird that our pants have "legs" but our shirts don't have "arms", amirite?
@Camperofjustice Mine do....

They are referred to as sleeves

No fact can be proven once everybody has made up their mind it's false. amirite?
@Creegs17 Who would listen once their mind is made up?

Believe it or not, some people maintain an open mind even after settling on what they believe to be true. Not convinced? Well, I guess your mind is made up.

When people talk about investment strategies online they have to state that they "are not a financial advisor" yet no such disclaimers are forced to be made by the people telling essentially every student they must go to college, amirite?

College is a waste of time. In America, trade jobs are normally the highest paying ones

Everyone you've ever met thinks differently of you. The person that you think you are only lives in your head. amirite?

Same could be said about literally anything, living or non

Those who act like they have all the answers are too smug to learn by asking questions. amirite?

Actually. . .

You can picture a white void, and a black void, but you can never picture a colorless void. amirite?

You can't picture no nothing either.

Some stranger somewhere remembers you because you were weird to them. amirite?

There's probably someone who misses you because you did something cute.