Work from home jobs should be paid less to incentivise non work from home workers, amirite?

Is that you Elon?

Hiking is stupid and a waste of time. amirite?

Why is hiking a stupid waste of time but GTA isn't despite having none of the health benefits?

We are all walking reminders that our parents did it at least once, amirite?

My 3 kids are all ivf. Technically I didn't have sex to concieve any of them. I'm therefore totally innocent and virginal and don't remind my kids of this at all.

I do remind two of my kids that I still have the receipt for the ivf and if they keep giving me attitude then I'm returning them to the fertility clinic as faulty goods...

Sharing your phone password with your partner isn't an act of trust and transparency it's disgusting, amirite?

all of your friends who have their business and photos in your phone

Why are your photos and your business in my phone?

My husband has access to my phone precisely because I know that he isn't going through texts with my friends. He isn't looking at their personal information or any pictures that he sent me. He grabs my phone if he sees that someone is calling and I'm not there to answer right away. Or if he wants to snap a picture and my phone is closer.

As far as justifications for not sharing your password with your partner, this is a really, really weak one.

Going to sleep late and waking up late is the same as going to sleep early and getting up early. amirite?

Midnights were my favorite shift. Could get some serious work done without every other doofus in sight sticking their nose in to tell you how you're doing it wrong. Good thing idiots like day shift.

Most lesbian porn almost instantly passess the bechdel test, amirite?
Auto flush toilets are incredibly annoying, amirite?
Hiking is stupid and a waste of time. amirite?

Why do you think people do it to be special?

Hiking gives me space to not feel special or unique, it lets me have my peace with me and the trees.

This "mass exodus" is just in your head dude, I like hiking better than walking specifically because you're less likely to see people.

Its also more intense than walking physically, in a fun way. Climbing rocks is way more interesting than walking on the same old trail.

Refusing to make assumptions can be far more annoying. amirite?

There are a lot of ways to say "What do you want?" which affects the meaning. If you say "What do YOU want" with eye-contact and stand ready with a pen and pad, it would be fairly obvious I guess?
If you're misunderstood often it might just be too ambiguous.

Lord of The Rings never had any winter battle scenes, amirite?
@tonywonderslostnut Lol Or just at a different point on the planet? December, January and February are the hottest months in...

I'm assuming that they were in the northern hemisphere, because above the area that the films take place in is the ‘northern waste' or Forodwaith and south are warmer areas like Harad, which feel equitoreal. I guess there's no reason why the whole planet couldn't be tilted the other way though.

Of course, Arda had only been round for about six thousand years at this point, so who knows.

Refusing to make assumptions can be far more annoying. amirite?
Hate is not an opinion, it's just hate, amirite?

Hatred is an act. It's the reasoning behind the hatred that is the actual opinion.

Most lesbian porn almost instantly passess the bechdel test, amirite?
@DueBodybuilde Straight men get off by looking at women, which is inherently bad.

Did I say that?

It's a joke about the Bechdel test (which is not a good assessment of what is and isn't sexist anyways). Chill. Jokes aren't that deep.

You can't tell if someone is a good person or not. amirite?

You're right, because none of us are good people. We all live in this morally gray area. Some people lean more towards the darker gray while others towards the lighter gray ends of the spectrum, but ultimately, there is always some good or bad within us all.

Fish pics get too much hate, amirite?

Back when I used Tinder like 8 years ago, I never minded the pictures of a guy holding a fish. Fishing is a hobby, after all. I agree I don't find it any different than a picture with a guitar or whatever. What I hated was the guys who had a bunch of pictures of their cars that didn't include them in it. I like cars a lot but I am trying to date a person, not a car.