Everything that has raisins in it would be better if the raisins were M&Ms. For example, a box of raisins, amirite?

raisinets would become chocolate covered m&ms. I'm okay with that.

You'll never understand why websites require your password to have 8 numbers, 5 punctuation marks, 2 Greek letters and an elvish verb, amirite?
You have memorized all the lyrics of the Simpsons theme song, amirite?

I actually had to think about the lyrics for a second.... facepalm moment

Those personalized M&Ms are actually kind of creepy. Why would anyone want to eat somebody's face, amirite?

That guy in Miami wanted to eat a face...

its annoying when girls with beautiful long hair wear their hair up everyday. amirite?

long hair is so difficult to deal with though. especially if your hair isnt naturally pin straight or controlled curly

You know the hotel you're staying at has an indoor pool when you walk into the lobby and it smells like a bucket of bleach. amirite?

for some reason, i love that smell

You shouldn't be judged for buying Club Penguin membership cards, even if you are a teenager. amirite?

You should be judged. However, the judgement should be "damn that's a cool kid".

Guys: You hate it when girls compare getting their boobs hit as painful as getting hit in the balls. They don't even know how painful it is. amirite?

Getting hit in the boob doesn't hurt that bad. Its more the shock of something hitting your boob when you weren't expecting it.

Since there's a Superman movie coming out called "The Man of Steel" and a Batman movie was called "The Dark Knight" they should name more superhero movies after the character's nickname. The next Spider-man movie should be called "The Web-Slinger", a Hulk movie can be called "Giant Green Rage Monster" and they should make an Aqua-man movie and call it "The Worst Superhero Ever: The Movie", amirite?

theyve already made aquaman's movie. it's called "the little mermaid".

Nostrils look like an alien, amirite?
When a baby is born, it's actually already nine months old, so I think we should celebrate a baby's first birthday three months after it's born.
Nobody is FOR abortion, they are for the right to choose, amirite?

abortions for all! open your legs ladies, 'cause here come the coat hangers!

These days people are too quick to sue when a mistake is made. Everyone is just trying to get money from others and its turning everything into shit, amirite?
@I read about a lady who sued a now 13 year old boy because he accidentally hit her on the head with a baseball when...

Somebody purposely spilled hot coffee on themself and then sued because the cup didn't say "caution: hot". Absolutely ridiculous.

The world is a beautiful place, amirite?
You always leave a teeny tiny bit at the bottom of a banana, amirite?
@mstarmach I'm not too worried about the score, I just want to see if I'm not alone on this

I do that too! it freak me out. I also take all the white stuff off of oranges