About me.

This is a very disorganized bio. Be prepared for random facts.

Well, I'm Jess. Some people call me Jessie, but that just reminds me of white trash, for whatever reason it may be.

I'm 16 and, I am Dutch. I have the typical Dutch look too (shocker, huh?). Light coloured hair, and green eyes. Most Dutch actually have glass blue eyes, though. I'm just the outcast of the Dutch culture, even though people often mistake my eyes for being blue.

I live in America for now, and I adore it. My whole life is very confusing, so I'll try my best to explain. I'm originally from Holland, but spent a few years in Liverpool. My family also has a house in Miami that I would visit while on holiday. Now I live in Colorado. Snowboarding rules.

I travel loads, and love it! I love lemons. And limes.
I love the colour orange and hate the colour red.

I dance almost 20 hours a week, and yet I still refuse to do ballet. Too girly if you ask me.

I play volleyball and tennis, baby! I also used to run track, but switched to cross country. It fits me much better.

I snowboard once a week too.
I have a K2 board that I love, but it's quite old so I'm attempting to save up for a new one.

Music = Splendid.
I am a classically trained pianist, but stopped playing when I was about 13. Now I play drums, and they are fucking amazing. I would post a list of all of my favourite artists, but that would take way too long, and take up too much space.

Best dogs ever? Bernese Mountain Dog. Either those or Golden Retrievers.

I've committed myself to being a vegan for 30 days. That means no eggs, meat, dairy, etc. I lost a bet. Don't ask, it's a long story.

I tend to exaggerate a bit, but I'll admit it when I do.

I hate feet. Absolutely hate them. They're gross.

I also hate prissy/catty girls, which is probably why they hate me too. They love the gossip, and I stay away from it. Uptight girls and I were just never meant to be.

I like to do things spontaneously.

I have quite a big family, and I couldn't imagine living any other way.
There's five of us total, including myself.
I have three older brothers and a younger one too. We all look alike and act similar too. We're the most sarcastic and sometimes clever family you will ever meet. Sometimes we act like dumb-arses too. Just depends whether or not we're pissed off or just being a smart arse.

I can't watch horror movies without someone being close to me, because of the scardy cat that I am.

I'm way too ticklish, and I personally think I laugh too much for my own good.

If you've managed to read through all of this and are actually paying attention, please message me. I seriously envy you.

I love to longboard, both skate & surf. I've got quite a few boards, all of them ride differently.

I don't like when people have nasty breath. I always have gum with me, and I'll offer it to you if you've got a "stanky" mouth.

For those of you who actually care, here's the Hall of Fame:

Actbadlookgood: A dancing queen.  She's opening a dance school in New York similar to the one in the "Step Up" films, and I'm going to join her to help run it.  We'll run that town.

Adizzleshaw: My rockstar. He's going to buy a house for me in New Zealand one day when I become a professional basketball player from his basketball lessons. He also taught me a bit of that D-Town slang.

Amyrawrs: Very funny, and a blast to talk to. She's going to help me convince my younger brother to make an Amirite account. I think I love her older brother. She's a fellow dancer as well.

Daniella:  Definitely the best Canadian ever.  She taught me what a toboggan was, and is the only person on Amirite who actually understands my odd European slang.  She's brilliant.

DarthJader: Super funny & always has something to talk about.  Her friend head-butted her in the face, really hard.  Maybe one day I'll get onto her list of awesome people. Mission complete.

Fauxmawo: Awesome university girl, with a super cool brother.  She's very clever with her super trolling tricks.

FlotatiousTurd:A good ole' boy. Teaching me what is right and wrong. Calls me "Squirt". Wants to join the Marines, and I know he will one day.

Hatersk8er69666: This guy is going to be a professional song writer one day.  He's the first person to talk to me on Amirte, and convinced me to post a picture of myself.  He made his own snowboard.  He's got skill.

Ilikefurrywolves4815: Hyper & creative.  She obviously loves furry wolves.  She's really cute with her boyfriend.  I want to make it onto her list of awesome people as well.

JamesD: A fellow thrill-addict.  We're going to have a boarding competition, consisting of snowboarding, surfing, and long-boarding.  I'll own.

JamiLovesYou:  Awesome rap writer.  She's going to help me get a work Visa.  We [will] work together, but only on weekends.

SemiColin: Loves pick up lines.  He's always doing homework.  We're going surfing together in California.... one day. Claims he's only nice to specific people.

Shmoogerz: Knows a girl named Jess in reality, so I love him for this. He's really flexible, and has got loads of girls after him. I'm still working on reading his whole bio.


  • Huge handbags, or the people who carry way too many handbags.
  • Hoarding/extremely disorganized areas.
  • Fast food.
  • Inconsiderate or rude people.
  • Alarms.
  • Big loop earrings.