The only way to starve a Mexican man, is too deny him any access to food, amirite?

I don't get it..

The censored edition of Eminem's CDs have some of the greatest instrumental songs you have heard in a while, amirite?

Or in No Love:
Put a d in there mouth so I guess its f what they say I'm high as a b** up up &away, man I come down in a couple of days...blahh blah.
But it sounds like:
Put a d* in there m** so I guess is f*
what they say I'm h* as a b** up up&away &so onn..

A dopey 11 year old, a emotionaly unstable 13 year old, a 17 year old with a baby and a 18 year old who is struggling with drug addiction. Not to mention the Step-dad who is a recovering alchoholic and the step-mom who cares to much for her own good. May be disfuntional, but this is MY big happy family. amirite?

Lol I really dont care is not like im going to stalk you.. I just wanted to know just to see if we were the same age or close.. Haha sorry for being all stalker-ish

There is always going to be an iPod cooler than yours, amirite?

I bearly bought the new ipod with the camera (touch).. Its pretty cool and the nano touch also looked cool but it was WAY too small.

You regret giving your phone number to at least one person, amirite?

well I posted this cuz a kid asked for my number and I only gave it to be nice well he ended up texting me A LOT telling me stupid stuff that I was pretty or that he wanted to go out with a girl like me but was verrry shy and one day he sent me 20+ msgs without me replying to ANY of them so I got tired and pretended to be my brother and threatened him to stop txting 'my sister' or ELSE!

The iTunes visualizer makes music so much more intense, amirite?

ohh that sucks.

You slow down or swing wide whenever going around a school hallway corner, for fear of either crashing into someone or getting trampled, amirite?

Damn, those are some awkward times. Boom, I go left he goes left, I go right he goes right I stop, he laughs and I laugh and he gets out of the way, happens alot when I get out of the classroom.

Hospitals can take the best tasting foods ever and make them taste horrible, amirite?

What are you talking about?? Hospital food is better than most places ...well at least our hopsitals.

please stop using 2 instead of "to" ... i mean, how much time are you really saving here? amirite?

actually, its l8R

Justin Bieber sings about love constantly. I wonder when he's going to remember he's 16. amirite?

I read somewhere he was 17 ... Idk lol is better if hes 16,

A girl starting her period without any tampons or pads around for fifty miles is like a guy being stuck with a boner during the last two seconds of class without any ugly people to look at to make it go away, amirite?

yeah, exactly my thoughts. I think being the ugly one is worse than any of those 2 situations.

Today as I was standing in line at the supermarket I overheard two women behind me talking. Upon reading a magazine on the shelf one woman turns to the other and says, "Who's Kendra?" (Referring to Kendra from Playboy) and the other woman says, "Kardashian." Thank you, women, for making me realize that there are people out there who know less about the tabloids than me. Amirite?

Ughh I hate wen that happens, oh yea lol I ALWAYS used to flip the tortillas (im mexican) back and forth in my hands so it can cool down and my cousin copied me and im like wtf im the one who does that, then he tells me I copied HIM im like wtf bitchh!

For a rapist, Pedobear is pretty damn adorable. Amirite?

I wonder how the real guy behind the bear looks like

When shorts are wider than they are long, something, somewhere went terribly wrong, amirite?

No. If there short shorts they have to be wider in order to be short.. Duhh

17 and up aged guys should not date 12-15 year old girls, amirite?

Tell that to my friend who was 14 when she started dating a 18 year old guy who lied he was 17:/! Now she's 15 and they still go out