You say "heey" instead of "hey" because just saying "hey" makes you sound too dull, amirite?

I say Heyy.. Lol

It seems like nine out of ten guys these days prefer big boobs and the tenth guy prefers the other nine guys, amirite?

Bologna nipples? What's that?

You don't have to be in a relationship with someone to kiss them, amirite?

Its ok if its ONE person you like or something. But if you're gona go around kissing a different person everyday that's just...nasty

You don't know where you stand on if guys should shave their armpits or not... Too much hair is really gross... But no hair would just be weird, amirite?

Trimming would be nice:)

At least once you've used something other than toilet paper to wipe when you've run out. amirite?

I once used a pad.

"Guys", "Dude", and "Bro" are names you use regardless whether its a girl. amirite?

Guys and dude yea but not bro

Top six most commonly lost items: Pens, pencils, keys, cell phones, coins, and chapstick. amirite?

Bobby pins!

A girl starting her period without any tampons or pads around for fifty miles is like a guy being stuck with a boner during the last two seconds of class without any ugly people to look at to make it go away, amirite?

yeah, exactly my thoughts. I think being the ugly one is worse than any of those 2 situations.

A great way to pass time in class: Look at every person and ask yourself if they're a virgin, amirite?

Thankks:) now I should do that

Girls: If only the fat on our stomach and thighs went to our boobs... amirite?

OR to our butts.

It's "try to," not "try and." If you really think about it, "try and" makes no sense. "I'm going to try and learn French!" Two separate actions? You're going to try, and you're also going to learn French? No. You mean to say "I'm going to try to learn French!" There are too many posts containing this error. amirite?

I only say it; force of habit, but I say both. Ima try and learn french, ima try TO learn french??

Subway should so have a drive-thru! amirite?
It would suck if the power suddenly went out at 11:59 PM on New Year's Eve. Amirite?

Not really, it would look very pretty when all the city lights go out and fireworks start popping.

If you live somewhere other than the U.S, you wonder if highschool there is really like what they portray in all the movies, with all the cliques, bullying, fighting, drama, and pregnant girls, amirite?

I started high school monday. Is not that bad, and to a surprise, I actually LIKE it. Wow. Its nothing like middle school. Theyres a couple of pregnant girls, bullying so far NONE, cliques? Yea but just groups of friends is not like popular, bullies, jocks nothing like that. And they're is fighting but not all hardcore just stupid fighting. High school is NOT even close to tv high school. Well so far..

In middle school, the guy with the barbie princess blanket is a loser. In college, the guy with the barbie princess blanket is a bamf, amirite?

Let's say, in elementary the guy with the dora backpack is gay, and in high school, the guy with the dora backpack is badass. According to my school.