So if I'm wrong, then you're right. And if you're right, then I'm left. And if I'm left and you're right, than that guy is straight. And if that guy is straight than you're gay. So if I'm wrong than you're gay, amirite?

Halfway through this post you started using than instead of then. Perplexing.

Instead of doing real life dissections on poor innocent animals, students should do a virtual dissection on the animal instead. That way, they can learn the same terminology, plus it would be less sad, amirite?
When I say being gay is a sin, and you say "why does it matter if it's a sin? Why can't you just let them be happy?" is like say "Sure that guy murder 6 people, but killing makes him happy, so you shouldn't tell him it's wrong.", amirite?
Why do guys like girls' asses so much? Poop comes out of it. Not so attractive. amirite?

It's mostly the ass cheek that we like, not the anus.

Why do most Christians hate gay people so much? I mean there are maybe 2 or 3 anti-gay verses in the bible, but how many times does it say to love everyone? Like 2,000? amirite?
As a waitress, most people that tip the server at a restaurant under 20% even if they do a good job are either old people stuck in the 19th century, ignorant jackasses, or teenagers that don't know how to do simple math, amirite?

20% is a pretty big tip, you'd have to do something pretty special to earn that.

I understand that the classes outside your major are to give you a well rounded education, but it is a total waste of time and money. I want to be a doctor. How in the Hell is something like history/English Literature going to help me make a diagnosis? amirite?

It's university, not job-training.

Preschool relationships: "Let's get married!" Elementary relationships: "Let's chase each other!" Middle school relationships: "Let's text!" High school relationships: "Let's stare at each other and kiss and hug and kiss and hug and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss and kiss!", amirite?

and sex

It's easier to hate Umbridge than it is to hate Voldemort, amirite?

It's easy to say you hate mass murderers and serial killers, but unless you've had some actual experiences with them it's hard to actually feel this hatred. It's much easier to feel hatred for Umbridge as most of us know someone with some of her qualities.

"Can you scoop the litterbox?" sigh "yes mom" "and can you speak in a different tone of voice?" "HOLY SHIT I LOVE SCOOPING THE FUCKING LITTERBOX :D", amirite?

Scooping the litterbox is the shit.

they should make the conditioner bottles a little bit bigger than the shampoo bottles so they can run out at the same time, amirite?
@you use more conditioner than shampoo? doesn't it make your hair greasy?

Yeah I've always used far less conditioner, if any at all.

It would suck to be a pornstar. Knowing that people are masturbating 80% of the time they see you. amirite?

To be a pornstar you have to suck. It's required.

You wish that the adjective form of "oxymoron" was "oxymoronic". amirite?

It is...

why is it so weird for girls to masturbate, amirite?
@Don't know, don't care

Why are you even here then?

Guys: Girls who like Harry Potter are a turn off, amirite?

To all the girls voting no way: I think you're missing the point.