You hate the New England Patriots. amirite?

well whatev :P
Im a Steelers fan by heart anyways....
at least they dont choke

The characters from Spongebob represent the seven deadly sins: Patrick for Sloth, Squidward for Wrath, Sandy for Pride, Mr Krabs for Greed, Gary for Gluttony, Plankton for Jealousy, and Spongebob for Lust. amirite?
Everyone wonders where Mr. Krabs' daughter, Pearl, came from. Well I have my own theory: Pearl is Mr. Krabs' sex slave! He likes them big, chunky, and teenager! amirite?

this post should of ended at "came from". it would of gotten much more Yeah You Are votes...

It's annoying when all people text you is "yeah" and dumb forwards, amirite?

or if they start talking to you first and then they just give you one worded texts

Freddy vs Jason vs Michael vs Chucky vs Norman vs Leather Face vs Pinhead vs Leprechaun would be an awesome movie, amirite?

v. Chuck Norris

<span style="display:none;">Your username is awesome, amirite?</span>
if ( currentUserUsername ) { t="Your username is "+currentUserUsername;}
else { t="You're not logged in"; }
</script>, amirite?

Im kinda flattered by this you guys. You're arguing over who wants to be me hahahaha

no breadstick is better than the olive garden breadsticks! amirite?

even though they're technically breadsticks, Red Lobster wins any bread contest hands down

No matter race, religion, or sex, if given the chance, you would BANG Taylor Lautner all night long, amirite?

i love you.. no homo :)
if i could i would say "yeah you are" over and over... lol

When you were a kid ketchup went with everything!! amirite?

Bologna and ketchup sandwiches....... yummmmmmmm

Admit it, you watch the Twilight movies just to see Taylor Lautner shirtless, amirite?

this post is for you HelloBeautiful ;)

Everyone has subtracted 9 months from their birthdate and found out when they were conceived before. And then thought harder about it and was grossed out, amirite?

my parents anniversary... awkward :/

When Kristin Stewart won the 'Best Female Performance' award at the MTV movie awards, Daniel Radcliffe should have stood up and Kanye'd her on Emma Watson's behalf. Amirite?

i am so sick of twilight winning everything. did u notice that it won every award it was nominated in? even the "actors"

The picture of the oil leak being obama's mouth is fucking hilarious. amirite?

how do i see that? i looked it up on google but couldnt find it

Michael Cera is cute in his own weird way. amirite?

I love him :)
I see every movie he's in

Secret Life of the American Teenager uses the word sex more times than Hugh Heffner does. amirite?

what are you talking about?