There really is no reason to sentence a prisoner to another life sentence if they kill another inmate; I mean they're not going anywhere. At that point it's probably more about bragging rights. "What, you have one life sentence? Pshh, I have three", amirite?
@lillyk435 Thats just blatantly wrong.

I have no memory of writing that...

When you have a crush, you think about a bunch of coincidences that you may fall in love and get married, but then realize you haven't even talked to him/her yet. amirite?

Story. Of. My. Fucking. Life

Middle schools should have free periods and lounges. (for students, not teachers) amirite?


Mobile users: you have mixed feelings about the new update, amirite?
@ghanygirl0120 I like the old layout better

I'm not ghanygirl0120 but I personally liked the simplicity of the old one. I liked how it said what the post the day was instead of it just being on the top. I dont know I guess it will just take some getting used to for me. I like the new one tho. It has many more features which is nice

The Summer Olympics will seem ultra lame this year if there's no event with kids killing each other, amirite?
It's funny that when we find out about Kony abducting children in Africa, everyone is all up in arms, but when someone mentions that the United States is killing children in the Middle East, all you can hear are crickets, amirite?

Have you been to the middle east and witnessed these killing?

Middle schools should have free periods and lounges. (for students, not teachers) amirite?
@YeahIAm Statistics.

I know, but I'm just saying that OP never said anything about being American.

Procrastinators unite at the mall every Christmas Eve, amirite?

That will be me tomorrow!

You've never seen your favorite sports team win the championship, amirite?

Cubs. :'(

Immigration to America has always been a problem; just ask any Native American. amirite?

Things like that have happened all over the world, all through out history

The conditioner always runs out first because it is fluffier and less dense than shampoo, and thus less can be packed into the bottle. Mystery solved, amirite?

If you have curly hair condionair is a life saver.

The fact that you can buy 50 chicken McNuggets for only $9.99 is horrifyingly disgusting, amirite?
@yes. yes you can.

No it's acually just 20. Get your facts straight

Middle schools should have free periods and lounges. (for students, not teachers) amirite?
HI BILLY MAYS HERE. I'M ADVERTISING A NEW PRODUCT THAT. Makes you read the second sentence in a different voice. amirite?

I loved him :'(

You don't understand why there's almost always a commenter on a post about something controversial (religion, abortion, etc) saying "O boy, can't wait for the flame war." This is amirite, we don't have flame wars, we have discussions between people of opposing view points who try their best to stay reasonable and down to earth during them, amirite?

Waiting for the flame war to begin